7 December 2015

spoiler alert :) if you don’t know what happens at the end of the Hunger Games series, you might not want to read this yet. Just know that I had a good time at the movies and I’m happy.

11:30 pm. Christopher and I just got home from the movies! Our little Homer Family Theater is so cozy and since tonight was monday, it was only $6 each! What a deal. We didn’t go to the movies too often when I was little, but I do remember watching Aladdin in that theater! Except then, it had big murals on the inside walls, and lots of spit wads on the ceiling. But now it has like some sort of sound board panels or something. I miss the murals. I think there’s less spit wads now though, so that’s always good.

I haven’t read the Hunger Games series, but I did watch all the movies with Chris. I think I watched the first one with him when we were dating, and we probably fell asleep on the futon in his living room, and after the movie was over I probably tried to get up and go home, without wanting to, but wanting to at the same time. :) I love that I can have sleepovers with Chris every night now! I don’t ever have to get in the cold car and drive home because I already am home. How happy.

The third hunger games movie I watched here on our couch, cuddling with Chris. I remember when it was over I just wanted the next movie to be out so I could know the rest of the story! Actually I would’ve just preferred if they made the third book into only one movie instead of two. Harry Potter is the only story that can split into multiple movies. I wish there were five movies per Harry Potter book. :) Actually, I don’t know if I wish that. But I am happy they have Harry Potter on audible now so I can listen to the books again! I love listening to them. Jim Dale does a perfect job with the audiobook.

Back to Mocking Jay part II (here’s the spoiler), I really liked the ending. It was happy and sunshiney. The whole war and battle was not my favorite part, but it was pretty crazy when Katniss shot President Coin. I suspected it, but I didn’t know if that’s what she was going to do or not. So that was a good surprise and I liked how it turned out and Panem was better off without Coin (and Snow) as leader. And then Katniss went home, and there was her sister’s cat. :( That was sad but good, and cats are great. So sad her sister died though, and I liked how true her emotion seemed.

Then I loved when she and Peeta met back up at home, and he had primrose flowers. How perfect and sweet. And I like the name Primrose. And then they were just bffs again! And lovers too. After the whole story and all the battles and war and lack of peace, Peeta and Katniss had perfect moments of peace. And I thought that that’s what it was all for. For people to love each other, especially Husband and Wife, and then for them to have babies and teach them how to find peace and joy. The ending was great.

I loved what Katniss told her baby, that she sort of plays a game in her head about thinking of every good thing people have done. These days it’s easier to lose hope in humanity, but it’s important to remember that there’s still hope and there is still so much goodness in the world.

The image from the movie was most piercing to me was when Katniss got in bed with Peeta and they cuddled and fell asleep together. So that’s what Imma go do right now with my honey husband. I’m so grateful to have Christopher boy as my companion and that he loves me so much. Life is great with him. <3


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  • Reply Alyssa stevenson 8 December 2015 at 14:20

    We loved hunger games….
    The only issue we decided with this last movie was the lack of soundtrack/music.

    I didn’t actually notice that, but Riley did and that was the only thing that made it a four star…. Harry Potter is a 5….. Yayy. That’s sweet you have them on audible!!! I’m jealous.

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