The best elementary Christmas concert

8 December 2015

In a world that’s becoming more and more secular, I’m so grateful there are still things like kids’ Christmas concerts. Most of the songs and performances were light and super fun, but there were a few CHRISTmas-y moments that were really special to me. 

First of all, I got lazy and almost didn’t go to the concert, because I wanted to stay home and decorate the tree and put some more lights up. Like I didn’t have all day to do that.  

Cutting down our tree was funny. We found it on Sunday night and it’s a beauty. We don’t have a saw or an axe, but luckily Chris has a nice serrated blade on his leatherman. Once we discovered that blade, ten minutes in to sawing the tree with a dull blade, cutting down the tree went pretty quickly. Edel was happy to join us and Piper, the spaz kitty, was happy to be there as well.   

This year we have a tree stand! That makes the Christmas tree thing much better. :) you may notice a little pile of lights that I still need to wrap around. Earlier when I was putting light on the tree, the tree started to fall over, and Chris and to fix the tree stand. He said something about how Christmas can be kind of annoying or frustrating. He had just untangled a chunk of lights too. Now there’s some random Christmas decor strewn about the living room they I don’t feel like cleaning up. Maybe tomorrow. :)

Back to the Christmassy moments of the day… In the concert there was a 5th or 6th grade Down’s syndrome boy being guided by a fellow classmate around the stage. The helper boy seemed so so kind. It was pretty sweet and reminded me of the goodness of the savior. Alyssa, you would’ve loved that moment and the performance too, and especially at the end of the song when a couple of the special needs kids were so happy with everyone clapping. Big smiles all around.

Another great moment from the concert was accompanied by the song “Where are you Christmas?”, which Faith Hill rocks at.  There’s a deaf girl at the school, and she and a bunch of her classmates signed that song! It was awesome. The interpreter lead the students in the song and most of the performers were really into it, and I bet it made the deaf girl feel so included in a world where she’s so different. I thought it was great and it helped me focus on the words of the song too. We can find Christmas with lots of love!

The other highlight of the concert was watching little Natalie dance around in her paper leprechaun hat, banging exercise balls with sticks, and listening to the foot stomping, Celtic version of her Christmas song. 


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