Farewell Downton 

31 January 2016

Just finished watching Downton Abbey. It was soooo good. We love that show and I love watching it cuddled on the couch with Christopher. We’ve had a lot of good memories with Downton Abbey marathons and I’ll miss all my Downton “friends” :). BBC shows are the best. 

This has been such a lovely Sunday. Chris gave a great talk at church, about the happiness we can experience on earth and the eternal happiness we can have through Jesus Christ. He’s a great speaker. After church we helped an older lady move some furniture, then we came home and ate butternut squash soup from last night, and of course some cookies. 

Husband and I hung out at home all day together and it was so delightful. We watched movies. He slept. I did a puzzle. We ate. We took Edel on a walk. We laughed at our animals. I ate way too many dried nectarines (which have been nicknamed “bum peaches”). And now we’re going to bed. Lovely day and back to school and work mañana!

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