Ten Lords A Leaping

3 January 2016

The Tenth Day of Christmas

The ten lords a-leaping symbolize the Ten Commandments.

 Sunday. Sundays are usually big days with lots of church stuff. The worldwide leaders of the church are currently putting more emphasis on inviting people the keep the sabbath day holy, because they know it will bless our lives. I love sundays. Today was a fast sunday, which I honestly don’t always look forward too. The physical and spiritual benefits of fasting are great, but I really like eating, so it makes it hard. :) During and shortly after my mission, I was a good faster, but I’ve gotten weak in my old age. Jk, I’m not old at all, but I have slacked in the fasting department. But today I put in some efforts and prayer to my fast, and it was good. 

Chris and I got to church early today, which always makes me feel on top of the world. I was supposed to lead the music today in sacrament meeting, but ended up having to play piano! Eek! the Cat. This was a big deal to me. I had played piano in sacrament meeting in my student wards in Hawaii an handful of times, but accompanying singers is not something I’m super confident in.

Fortunately, it went great today! I quickly chose some hymns I felt confident in playing, and I was really surprised how well the sacrament hymn went. Good thing, so I didn’t distract anyone during that most important part of the meeting, by not playing well. My fingers just knew what to do and I was really glad.

There’s not a lot of active pianists in our ward, and not many people know I play piano, but I do! :) I’m really really glad I play piano, and that I like learning and like playing. I’m mostly self taught, and a computer program kickstarted my piano learning when I was 10 or 11. I’m glad I play, and I’m glad I didn’t mess up the piano much in church today!  

I also remembered to pay my tithing today, which is super. The past two years I’ve let all my tithing pile up and scramble to pay it at the end of the year. This is not the best way. PAY THE LORD FIRST, since everything comes from him anyway.

After church we feasted at Holly and Jordin’s. Salmon kabobs or kebabs. Either way, Jordin makes really really good salmon kabobs. And we took some yummy coconut rice that we cooked in our pressure cooker in like, 5 minutes. Three cheers for the pressure cooker. It was a great family feast, and nice to be over there.

When Chris and I came home, I fell asleep. Nap. I seem to think I don’t nap that often, but husband has kindly informed me that I fall asleep in front of the heater most days. :)

After my nap I got a wild hair and did something I’ve been wanting to do for two years! I made granola! :D:D Not sure why it took me two years to make, but I put it in my planner for the week, and I did it!

I did other productive things like writing letters and playing piano too, and watching Tomb Raider on xbox. :) This sunday was great. I’m so glad that I fasted, bore my testimony, played piano well, enjoyed family time, made granola, wrote letters, and that I’ve been using my new journals and passion planner!

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  • Reply alyssa stevenson 6 January 2016 at 16:11

    i have missed your latest and greatest post.
    how has the 12 days been going?

    I want your granola recipe.
    red rover, red rover, send it over….

    we have been texting lots today though
    and it makes me feel good.
    hope you are enjoying your audiobook
    and wanna get sommeeeeeee. he he he.
    if you know what i mean. get someeeee… more granolas.
    okay.. okay!
    text ya soon.

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