15 January 2016

Thank goodness it’s Friday! I woke up happy this morning knowing a three day weekend was ahead of me. Yesterday I woke up frumpy (oops, I meant to type ‘grumpy’, but frumpy works too) because I was sick of the daily grind – wake up sleepy, work, come home, eat, waste time, go to bed… meh. Okay, now life hasn’t been that much of a grind lately, but I sort of felt like I was stuck in a cycle that I didn’t want to be in. And I had a bad, poopy attitude. In the winter, I’m don’t really work full time and Chris and I seem to leave Alaska plenty and adventure around. And when we’re home, we usually spend a good amount of time together and watch movies and such. And we hang out with my family of course. I guess I just felt like Chris and I hadn’t had good together time lately and it was wearing me out. Maybe I’m just a weenie too, one who doesn’t do well with going to work everyday with a job with regular hours.

I am so glad that it’s friday and especially glad that it’s a three day weekend! Here’s what I’m up to right meow. Chris is playing xbox with some boys some I’m listening to Enya and blogging and planning and such. And hello! Piper is still nursing! 9 months old… so funny. I love these creatures. My phone is filled with  pictures of our animals. IMG_6236-1 IMG_6242-1

I substitute teach and I love that, because it’s flexible and fluid. Sometimes I don’t know I’m working until I get a call at 7 am (or 5:30 am) and the job changes day by day as I fill in in different classrooms, different subjects, different ages, different teaching. I love substitute teaching. It doesn’t pay millions, but I usually enjoy it, and any extra monies are nice. The job is better when I don’t think about the money that I’m making/not making. I enjoy being in the schools and with the kiddos and helping them learn and feel accepted and loved. I sub at the middle school and the two elementary schools around here. I have a niece at each elementary and my mom works at the middle school, and it’s so nice to see someone I love so much when I’m at school! I love that. And I love being at the middle school and being able to work with my mom sometimes. Two of the schools are just a short walk from my house too, which is delightful.

Anyway, I’m so glad it’s Friday, FRIYAY. And so glad it’s a three day weekend, because I don’t have an extra day off for a while, which is good that I’ll be subbing lots.

I wasn’t very excited about my sub jobs the past three days because they were a bit out of my comfort zone, but they ended up being pretty great. In whatever I do, I just want to be helpful to others, and I was able to do that and I felt appreciated, so it was good good.

I have lots of thoughts about getting my teaching certificate, but so far I’ve not taken much action in that direction. I have lots of encouragement and support in becoming a teacher though. I need to get an internship passed off so I can officially get my bachelor’s degree, and then I’d need to do some prereqs and take the PRAXIS to get into an education program. There’s an online masters program through university of Alaska that a friend is just starting, and that’s what I’ve looked into. Any thoughts or motivating words for me to get my tush in education gear?

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  • Reply Alyssa Stevenson 17 January 2016 at 15:05

    get your degree already.
    you did all the hard work anyways.
    and you teaching certification would be so cool.
    if i was in alaska with you, i would do it together.
    teaching is so hard though.
    i just finished up my relief society lesson about 20 minutes ago.
    its always a nice feeling– mixed with stressful– mixed with whyyyyyyyy– mixed with spiritual.
    the hard things in life are always really good,
    you make such a good teacher I’m sure of it!!
    im glad its sunday and monday is a holiday too.
    plenty of time to text you :)

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