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28 February 2016

I’m sitting in what I call the creation room, formerly known as Chris’s home office, and then the guest bedroom. We have a two bedroom home and since this extra bedroom is no longer husband’s work place, it’s open to become my craft room! And the place where I can make and do and learn other stuff. I’ve been excited about this room for a long time but I haven’t yet got it very organized, unfortunately. And junk and extra stuff keeps collecting in it. Need to actually get rid of stuff, instead of just putting it into a huge get rid of pile. 

I’m sitting in here burning some Christmas incense and listening to Sunday music. I’m also listening to the animals play roughly, which gets annoying lately, when the cats keep meowing because they’re bother by Edel. But the cats seem to like Edel’s affection and attention, sometimes. 

I was just doing some planning for young women’s activities and lessons for our lovely girls at church, and I was reminded of a very delightful moment in young women’s today! So we have nine girls that come regularly or once in a while and they’re all so pleasant and lovely. They get along well, they’re friendly and intelligent, and they have good families who love them. As their leaders, we try to help strengthen their faith in Christ, and to have a great time while doing that.

Personal progress is something that would help them now and in the future. Only 2 of our 9 girls really work on personal progress, but one more girl has been doing some lately and it makes me very happy!!!

On Wednesday we worked on a good works/missionary activity, and this young women finished the value experience on her own, and I’m so glad she’s doing that! At our activity we had three girls come, and we wrote letters to the sister missionaries from our ward. It was delightful, even though I was all stressed about it before. It turned out great. 

Sometimes I think the girls don’t like coming to mutual, because they want to have a better time, or they just feel like they have more important things to do, or something else. I feel the same way with plenty of commitments I suppose. Often I’d rather enjoy some home time with Chris, but I’m usually always pleased when I go, whether it’s an activity, meeting, volleyball, family home evening… I almost always am very glad I went. I want the girls to learn and grow and have a great time, but it’s been hard preparing and planning for that every week. We do what we can though. And we love our young women, which is most important. 

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