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April 2016


Sunday Morn Update

24 April 2016

Ahoy (Alyssa)! :)

Home from our lovely Florida honeymoon like trip (actually it was a BABYmoon), and my body is sort of on a different time zone, so I’ve been getting up lots earlier everyday! It’s been really nice, especially since it’s light when I wake up.

Summer is well on its way to Homer and things are turning green again. I hope my allergies will be mild or nonexistent this year, but that’ll take some healing. Allergies are poopsmear.

Christopher Robin is still snoozing and I’m preparing my YW lesson for church today – Why do we need the Book of Mormon? That’s my lesson. To finish Personal Progress, the girls have to read the BoM as their virtue value project. I’ve been reading the Livro de Mórmon (portuguese) everyday for a while now and I’m proud of myself yay! I have had some non diligent scripture study habits, but I’ve been doing better lately and my appreciation is growing for the Book of Mormon since I’m reading it.

Anyway, we have some new cute neighbor boys. They like to come over when I’m playing outside with Edel. AND in our little grove of trees in this picture, I have put a bunch of little treasures – a Chris + Chelsea sign, a ceramic doll for Brazil, popsicle stick bird feeder I made, Christmas ornament, and my big pig! Well, the other day Chris and I noticed that the pig (and everything else) was in the doghouse! Turns out we found the culprits… hahahahaha. Really funny. I had taken the pig and sign and ornament out, and then they put them back in the dog house the same day! Little tricksters. They said they were trying to trick us, and they did!


Other news… growing a baby! We haven’t told a ton of non family people, but I’m maybe 12 weeks today! I have my first appointment in a week and a half, and then we’ll tell people after the appointment I think. I might tell the young women today. There’s no reason to keep it a secret, and it’s not a secret, it’s the best news ever!

We got pregnant on the first real try, which is super duper. With so many fertility issues these days, there’s always concern with that, but all is well here for now! I have felt pretty well, just hungrier, maybe sleepier, and definitely more bloated and gassy. Those symptoms are all maybe normal haha, but I think they’re pregnancy related. I threw up two times, and I’m glad it hasn’t been 200. So nice to feel good. And I’m excited for my belly to grow! I don’t think it’s growing much yet, but my baby should be 2 inches long, or maybe there’s babies…

Other news… I listened to audiobooks all day yesterday and it was great. And I cleaned house and that was great too. There’s always stuff to clean and organize, especially after being gone. I like doing it usually though, and I’m glad I have time for it. Buuuut Edel was unfortunately sick and she threw up on the carpet, right where I like to lay in front of the heater.


So in order to post some real life pictures on instagram/facebook, and not just pictures of my favorite happiest moments, I posted this picture. And I wrote “Edel threw up in the shape of Tahiti. Cool.” I did not think this was cool at all. If I did, I probably would’ve included an exclamation point, like “cool!”. Let me tell you, this was not cool. Apparently my sarcasm wasn’t apparent in my caption though, because people thought I was being optimistic about it, and I merely just know what Tahiti is shaped like. This was a pain to clean up, and will still need more cleaning up. But I like having Edel, even though there’s lots of hair and dirt and mess to clean up – she’s a good pup.

I think that’s it for my update for now, because I better get back to me lesson planning. Adios!


Home with my homies

11 April 2016

It’s time for a trip again! I’m headed to Flo-Rida to play with my honey husband and go to Harry Potter world before babies come!

I’ve been a poor blogger lately with my wordpress app not working, and with having some sloth like tendencies tee hee.

It’s my last day without Chris and I get to see him soon! While he’s been gone the past week, I’ve been very grateful for these creatures to cuddle with me and keep me company. They so funny.

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