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3 May 2016


Cats and Mice and Morning Thoughts

3 May 2016

5:30 am was my wake up call today… atypical. But those cats brought in a biggg mouse and were chasing it around the bedroom, then the dog was chasing the cats. It wasn’t my favorite to wake up to all their noises, and to see that poor big mouse running along the side of the wall. 

But now I’m awake and I feel rested, and that’s always a nice feeling. Especially when you can see the daylight and hear all the many birdies outside. I’m still in bed, but hopefully I get up and do yoga and maybe even go on a run! I don’t run too often, maybe like once a week. Actually, I’m probably delusional and it’s more like once a month. I did run on Saturday and it made me feel jolly good. 

There’s the 10k Spit Run every summer, and I do it every chance I get. I first started when I was 5 and I did it 16 ish years on a row. Since then, I’ve missed the Spit Run a few times, but it was always something I “liked” doing. One year I prepared for it. I was in a regular running habit and maybe that was the year I got 61 minutes at 38 seconds, which is like a 9:56 mile pace! That’s fine by me! The spit run is 6.2 miles and goes from the high school to lands end on the end of the spit. I realized I’ll be running with a belly this year, so I should probably get used to running and not shock my pregnant body with an hour long jaunt along the Homer Spit. :)

I’m really trying to focus on being healthy and strong. Growing a human, it’s kind of a big deal! I feel like my belly actually grew yesterday, or else I was just bloated from too many of my “healthy-ish” cookies that I made on Sunday. But I’m really happy about it. Can’t believe I have a pregnant belly. Still doesn’t feel supa real.  

The cats are still making a bunch of noise with the poor big mousie. And Edel is closed outside the bedroom door whining to come back in. Man, when I first saw the mouse run all the way across the edge of the wall, I jumped and panicked and tried to hide under the covers. Haha me doing that scared Chris and woke him from his slumber. 

The kitties (and mice too I guess) get in and out of the house through our bedroom window that we leave open. It’s just above our bed. So I’m worried the cats will drop their live mice toys in our bed! And if we keep the windows closed, I’m worried the cats will poop and pee inside, which is a bummer to clean up, but Chris would have to since I’m prego. Yay babies.  

I better throw some pictures in this post so it’s not just all words about my cats. They are making so much noise right now! I’m surprised Chris is still sleeping. I’m scared to get up haha, in case I see the mouse again. For some reason they’re scary inside the house. Oh, so basically something needs to change, because I don’t want mice in my bed, and I don’t want cat poop in the house. Not sure what our solution will be…

With allergy season here and increasing, I also need to keep the window closed and probably try and keep the animals off the bed, since they get covered with pollens and stuffs outside. Really, I’m just hoping to overcome my allergies and get my body to a natural, allergy free state. I just have seasonal allergies, hay fever, and I get sneezy, runny nose, itchy eyes, cough sometimes, short of breath and a little asmatic… so it’s really annoying and frustrating. 

Bel just jumped on the bed by my head and freaked me out. Thank goodness she had no mouse hanging from her mouth. That poor mouse. Bah! Piper just jumped up too, scared me haha. I’m all jumpy right now. And I’m scared to look on the floor to see a big dead mouse. I’m glad they haven’t been eating them inside and that they’re not leaving mouse guts around. That’s really good.  

Okay, picture time. 

Yesterday my funny dad brought my Subaru into town for me to start driving it again! In the winter Chris and I get by fine with one car, but in the summer we need the dreamy subie too. 

Yesterday evening we got together with the empty nesters from our ward for FHE. It was a beautiful evening at the beach and I had a couple bites of a caribou dog and way too many cheesy Doritos haha. We told them that we’ll be adding to our nest in November!

My sister and her girls came over after school to get some cookies, and the girls stayed to play. I was really glad because they’re so fun and loving. They do tend to make a lot of noise when they come over with my recorders, tambourine, harmonica, ukulele, and keyboard, but I like for them to make music. That recorder gets to me though!

We played with the little neighbor boys and that was great. Then we went to the field to play frisbee and soccer, and for Edel to get more exercise. Unfortunately she got so much exercise that she had to lay down in a mud pit to cool off! I was not happy. It was not easy to get her cleaned up. But I still like her. 

And here’s a picture on my walk to school in the morning. It takes me about five minutes to go from the house to the school and it’s a delightful walk. I keep pretty busy at the middle school, subbing there the majority of school days lately. I like it. It doesn’t pay well but that’s fine for us right now, because I enjoy it and the flexibility is priceless. Boat cleaning starts soon and it pays great. I need to work on my boat cleaning attitude so I enjoy it more. Summer is basically here!