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13 May 2016


Mothers Day

13 May 2016

My giant balloon cube says “Happy Mother’s Day,” but I always wonder why it’s not “Mothers’ Day” since it’s a day for all mothers, and not just my mother. Maybe someday I’ll decide or learn where I want to put the apostrophe.

My sister, brother in law, and nieces got me the giant balloon, my mom got me some happy, yellow tulips, and Chris left me a nice, little Mother’s day note. Chris was in Valdez for the weekend for the short take off and landing (STOL) fly-in. He took lots of great pictures and video and had a jolly time.

At the garage sale, I did find this treasure of a dress. Genuine vintage. :) I saw it laying on the table and knew it would be for me, so I washed it, and when I put it on sunday morning, perfect fit. And I wore my cute boots that I hardly wear. I liked my outfit, so I got a nice timer selfie with my balloon. :) Sometimes I feel weird taking selfies, but whatever

When Chris is gone, I struggle getting Edel walked and played with before I have to be at school/church. Normally I have just enough time to take care of myself, and I’m still running around the last five minutes. But sunday I woke up nice and early and had good time to take Edelweiss (and the kitties) for a little walk. Delightful. Except I walked in my dress and I got a bunch of bug bites on my legs, but that’s okay. I like my dress. And I liked the gray sunday weather.

After Saturday’s garage sale, I stayed outside to enjoy the sunshine and clean Miss Penelope Subie out. She was nice and clean for Sunday! But I got a ride to church with Mom, which was lovely. I ate my toast and drank my smoothie as we rode to church. I love living near family.


After church, my little nieces and I hung out at my mom’s house. We had a delightful flapjack feast! And I drank some chocolate cashew milk, which I’m loving these days. It’s full of sugar, but reeeeal tasty. I love Kodiak Cakes flapjacks.


Right after our flapjack feast, I was craving my father in law’s mashed potatoes and gravy. When we were staying at Chris’s brother’s house in Vegas last Thanksgiving, I had mashed potatoes and gravy leftovers over and over! And I was wanting some reeeeally bad on sunday. So I made myself a little Thanksgiving feast on sunday night after a rainy walk with pup pup. Funny. Buuuut my gravy was nasto and it didn’t quite satisfy what I was going for. The rest was still good though.

My first pregnant Mothers’ Day was a really great day. The rain was nice and I enjoyed outside time with the animals. And I felt really loved from all my family. I’m blessed with some great people and some exceptional¬†mothers around as examples.