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24 May 2016


Scouting and Mom’s House

24 May 2016

Christopher Robin has had some Boy Scout activities lately, which means less husband time for me, and more time with the animals :), and my family. I’ve been hanging out at my mom’s house more lately which is always delightful.


Chris had the boys over for a video game party, as a reward for some of them achieving their Duty to God goals, so I decided to go have a sleepover at my mama’s house, and it was so nice! When Chris finally went to bed at 3 am, he sent me this picture of Edel and Piper cuddling. Those two animals… adorable.


I think there were seven boys there, and they pretty much ate junk food and played video games, mostly Star Wars, until they were too sleepy. And then they crashed on the floor. Funny. But a really good time for them, good bonding time and hang out time. Glad I was having a party at my mom’s house instead. :) Because I got to take a bath in her lovely bath tub and then sleep in her bed, just like the old days.


The next morning, Mom had to go to her last day of school, and I didn’t wake up until she left, so I just hung out by myself. I made some flapjacks, watched the Magic School Bus, and worked on final touches of the dollhouse that I’ve been building for the past 1+ year. Good times and I felt like I was 12 again. :)

When I lived at Woodside apartments with Mom (and the older siblings probably), she worked at the assisted living place. She’d go to work at 7 (or maybe it was 8), so I’d go in with her and I’d watch Magic School Bus in the lounge until our friends picked me up for school at 8:15 or 8:30 or whatever.


And when I was leaving Mom’s house and going home, I saw Lacey girl laying in the extra bed. FUNNY. She just crawled right under the blanket and got all cozy.


Animals are funny little creatures that are nice to have around.img_0053

Oh! And Mom’s ol’ BFF came back to town after 14 years! It was so wonderful to spend and evening and afternoon visiting with the Darlings, especially for Mom and Frances I’m sure. So wonderful to reconnect.