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23 June 2016

I love being pregnant.

Chris and I went to our first ultrasound yesterday and it was soooo neat. Our ultrasound tech was a delight and checked everything out, to make sure baby is growing and developing normal. All looks good! It’s amazing there’s a little baby growing inside of me, just amazing. Bebe baby was moving around quite a bit during the ultrasound, and so I think that’s helped me be more aware of when I’m feeling it inside of me. The past couple days I’ve felt a lot more movement and I love it. I love being pregnant, and I love that I have a baby belly.IMG_6502

I have neglected blogging lately, and plenty of other things, which is annoying. I have lots of free time right now and I don’t feel like I’m doing greatness with it. I just expect more of myself I guess, but my yogi yoga video today left me with a mantra that “everything is as it should be,” and that’s a nice thought. :) There was another mantra she said too, but I forgot it, but I’m really grateful for Yoga With Adriene.

I love doing yoga, just here in my living room. Yoga classes with a little community would be nice too, but yoga with the cats and dog is good for now. I don’t do yoga as often as I’d like, but some is better than none!

I’m just about to go clean boat, and I’m taking the pup with me. I just came home to pick her up to discover she had eaten part of our tasty watermelon! I left it cut in half on the counter a few hours ago and she decided to get it down and dig into it a little bit. She’s been a touch more rambunctious with getting into food she’s not supposed to when we’re gone, so I guess we just need to take better care of her. She’s still pretty good though. Good Edelweiss.

Hmmm, what else… we went to Utah for a week for Chris’s grandma’s funeral. It was a really wonderful and special week, and I’d like to blog about it later so I don’t forget about things!

Our summer weather has been spectacular so far. I’m so glad to be getting some brown on my skin again! I have a red, vein-y spot on my nose that I need to get checked out, but the rest of my skin is happier to be tan. My dad is finally home so it’s been nice hanging out at his house with his great property and view!IMG_5432


Allergies have been super annoying for me this summer. I hate it. I haven’t been walking with Chris and the dog in the morning hardly at all because I don’t want to go trampling through the grass. Bah, allergies are really frustrating to me.

I’ve been building houses for my Sims on the iPad, which is funny… I’ve been listening to lots of Harry Potter audiobooks. And I’ve been reading my scriptures everyday! I’m having a hard time managing my time, but I’m learning and growing, so that’s good. Gotta go clean boat now. Cheers cheers.

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  • Reply alyssa stevenson 4 September 2016 at 08:22

    WOW> I have been so behind on making comments on your blog!!!! HOLY COW. SO much updates and cool pics and things. I love this ultrasound shot. I can’t wait to find out if its a boy or girl in your belly. Do you know??? Or keep it surprise. OK, thats all.

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