Soggy Caturday

3 September 2016

Saturday, what a great invention.

Chris and I stayed up late ish watching Blue Bloods on netflix last night. It’s pretty much what we’re doing every night these days. Normally I’m not into cop or crime shows, but Blue Bloods is hitting the spot for me.  Each episode is about 42 minutes and when once finishes, another is all queued up and ready to roll! It’s hard to say goodnight to the blue blood Raegan family and go to bed, but alas, it must be done.

This morning we laid in bed till a slightly shameful hour of 10:30 or so. But it was nice! The baby was moving a lot in my belly this morning and I love love love that. The cats and dog were being rambunctious while we were sleeping, but we still managed to not get up and going until almost 11 am. These are the days! :)

I made blueberry flapjacks for me while Chris walked the pooch in the rain. When he came back, he ate left over tonkatsu for brunch and played xbox while I took care of my sims haha. Those sims. I spent time cleaning the house, as per usual, and Chris went to his office and did some work for a while. Then we met up at Homer’s perfecto farmers market!

I love our farmers market. What a wonderful place to get healthy produce from our hard working farmers, and to see friends from our community. I hear there’s going to be a feast party at the last market of the year in a couple weeks! We’ll need to go. :)

Only had one boat to clean tonight and husband went to the harbor with me, so it took us 20 minutes. Nice. Boat cleaning is winding down, which is nice.

I have jury duty this month, which is a slight annoyance, but I can handle it. :) I’m happy for where our life is right now. I love having a growing, moving, baby inside of me. I love our home. I love the changing weather. Church is great. Family is great. We’re healthy and happy and things are pretty good in the hood.

(If I would’ve written a couple days ago when I was in a debbie downer mood, my words might not have been the same.:) Great day today though!)

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  • Reply Alyssa Stevenson 31 October 2016 at 18:49

    Its official… im getting you those cat earrings.
    caturday! haha.
    i love you.
    how the heck did i miss these post? its not like you update everyday??
    ive been such a slacker.. its like i left the country and went MIA… sounds about right.
    okay happy halloween.

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