First Family Walk

29 November 2016

When I went to the hospital 10 days ago, the weather was pretty fall-y, and all of the sudden it’s winter now! It started snowing while I was at the hospital and it is hopefully the wintery weather is here to stay.

Today we finally made it on a family walk outside! That was  big. :) I love our family walks. The cats didn’t join, but they were staring at us through the window when we came back to the house. :) Funny creatures. Edelweiss sure enjoyed the walk though and it always makes her so happy.

Apollo started with a full belly and a clean bum and we got ourselves all bundled up. I put him in a moby wrap that our cousin gave us and I look forward to wearing him more!

We started our usual trek through the forest trail but I walked slower than usual since I did just give birth ten days ago. Still have some good recovering to do but it’s all going pretty well.

At the beginning there was bleeding and incontinence and hemorroids and sore body and sore breasts from lots of milk and lots of feeding, but I’m doing pretty well. It’s no walk in the park though! I know it could all be much worse, and it’s all worth having this sweet angel boy with us. We adore him. And I think he’s adjusting well to life on earth too, and we’re working to keep him nice and close to heaven.

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  • Reply alyssa stevenson 9 December 2016 at 14:53

    These are so great!!
    Got all the ABCS.
    You guys look great.

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