Nieces’ birthday lunches

4 November 2016

I love these two girls lots and lots. I maybe already blogged about the girls’ birthdays, but maybe not. They were both born in October and are two years apart.

Natalie being born was one of my favorite days of life. I was so so so happy to become an auntie. And now… I almost have a bebe of my own! I’m getting more and more excited. How amazing it all is and how blessed we are.

Our little babe will be very lucky to have Natalie and Katy around too. They’re so excited to have a baby cousin near by. And it’s so nice that my other sister’s babies will be so close in age to ours. Her little Hudson is just seven? weeks old and it’s so nice that she’s going through everything just before me, which helps me prepare mo’ betta.

Anyhoo, some pictures from Chris and I taking each of the girls out for a special birthday lunch! It was Natalie’s idea I believe, and I think it’s a lovely new tradition that I hope to always do.

Chris and I have some really exceptional and adorable and good looking nieces and nephews. Hopefully we’ll be able to see all the rest of them in January!

Also, one last shout out for me red check Sherpa flannel. Where would I be without it??

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  • Reply Alyssa Stevenson 14 November 2016 at 16:29

    I feel like I know your nieces. I’ve seen them so many times on blog and Instagram growing up over these years… I feel like I love them too. They are such cute girls and sisters and the very best, especially at that age when you are so playful and live together.

    That’s such a fun new lunch tradition and they have the best aunt in the world…. just saying.

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