First adventure walk with Natalie and Katy 

23 December 2016

My sister’s two girls are a big and important part of my life. They turned me into an aunt and made all my aunt dreams come true! And they still do. And they really love their baby cousin. 

I was hanging out at their house today and they asked if we could go on an “adventure walk”, which is something we’ve always done together. So we did! Ask and ye shall receive, plus I don’t like to say no to the girls very often. 

We had a lovely time wandering around their snowy back woods. We played some forest games and the girls showed me their forts and where they have some buried treasure. 

I bundled Apollo up and he snoozed through it, so he enjoyed some rest and some fresh air. 

As for me, I’ve gone on three walks today and my hemorrhoids could use a rest. :) I love our snowy weather and time with my people. 

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