Look at this if you want to see pictures of my sleepy babe. 

2 December 2016

Apollo Ray, he’s just the most adorable and precious boy. I love our sweet baby and will maybe share too many pictures but that’s aokay. Look at him yawning… I just think it’s so darling. Every time he yawns or sneezes or smiles or frowns, it makes me heart melt more and more. 

Little boy is getting chubbier. He sure loves milk! He feeds a lot. Today I felt like that’s all we did – breastfeed. He just ate and fell asleep and ate and got his diaper changed and ate and I ate and he fell asleep and got his diaper changed… a cycle like that. :) I did manage to rehang the driftwood G back up the wall to complete the alphabet in the nursery though. I’ve been trying to do that for a couple days haha. My expectations are quite low for the things I get done each day so it’s all good. My job is taking care of the bambino right now and I’m happy and grateful to do that. 

Here he is eating. And falling asleep. 

And asleep and stretching! With my postpartum belly. Apollo is such a good stretcher and helps me stretch too. 
And our glorious nap today. I love cuddling with this baby boy. 

Sleep is nice. The past couple days I can sleep for two hour stretches between feeding him during the night. The first two days home were three and a half hour periods of sleep! He’s sleeping again right now, and he’s adorable. I need to sleep too. 

It’s nice to think that most people have a loving mother who think their son or daughter is the greatest in the world. So special how loved we all are. 


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  • Reply alyssa stevenson 9 December 2016 at 14:51

    I just love these cute sleepy baby!!
    So great!!
    Seriously, he is so dang cute.
    sleep Apollo sleep.
    and you too…
    sweet dreams.
    great belly and boobie chels! haha

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