Wintry snowy day!

16 February 2017

We woke up to a load of snow! And that is always exciting. The snow was very delicious this morning but I didn’t eat enough of it, but fortunately I at least went out to wander in jt. 

Yesterday was snowy too, and look at these beautiful pictures. 

On Valentine’s Day we went on our first annual valentines family beach walk. It was very very excellent.  

And Sunday…. look at my adorable boy! HE IS THE BEST AND THE CUTEST AND I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW MUCH I LOVE HIM. my heart is so full. This little boy of mine fills me with joy. I just love being his mama. I love it. 

PS I’m in bed with Apollo now and Chris is studying for more pilot stuff. I haven’t brushed my teeth and I need to but I don’t want to stop cuddling with Apollo. I’m getting my second ever cold. I’m thirsty. I miss Hawaii. I love our home. I want to update my blog more. And I want to love and serve people more. And drink more water and do yoga yo. Kthanksbye. 

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