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23 June 2017


JUN 22

23 June 2017

I was thinking of only posting a couple pictures, but how can I not post so many when my boy is so adorable in every one of them!

I just adore this child so very much. I hope my love for him (and others) just keeps growing and growing. 

I think today was a good day for most of my family. We all got some good time together and some good time apart. My sister Stacy brought her babe Hudson over and it was delightful. It’s such a special experience having baby boys together and it’s so fun to see them grow and play. 

While Stacy and Hudson were over, Apollo and the pooch and a cat took me on a walkie. We sang our walkie song and headed toward the woods. I love our forest and being outside.  

Later in the evening we all reconvened at my mom’s house. We had some tasty food (zucchini muff muffs) and a good little time together. 

Speaking of food, Apollo has been experiencing some here and there. Apple and banana today! So messy, but pretty cute. We need to find a good high chair for our house but don’t have one yet. 

Also, every time the two babes are around each other, I am grateful to not currently have twins! I do sure love my twin friends da though! Everything is as it should be. 

PS we’ve started watching Anne with and E and we thinks it’s swell. 

PPS Edel is comfy cozy laying between my legs right now and I have very little room on our bed right now. 

PPPS new moon and big low tides right now!