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December 2017


Winter Solstice and 4 years wedded!

22 December 2017

Yesterday, happy 4 year anniversary to me and husband! We had a great time celebrating and had a good day with good food. I’m really grateful to have Chris as my companion through life and enjoy the life we’ve created, and especially the boy we created.

Soooo… winter solstice… a time where light returns to us! I love solstices. It can be a time of renewal and grounding. This morning when I woke up, I was totally feeling all inspired and motivated. I was ready to accomplish some goals and create new patterns and learn good things. There’s so much to look forward to at this time of year, and the present moment is so wonderful too!

But noooow, I’m overwhelmed with all the messes in my house, presents I want to create, things I need to wrap… Apollo has pooped twice and it’s not even noon, and I haven’t even had the chance to poop yet! Too busy keeping me and the boy alive I guess. We’re alive, but he’s had two good falls already today. He’s got a big red mark on his cheek and a goose egg on his forehead.
My tea went cold, there’s cheerios all over the floor, Apollo dumped over the laundry basket of clean, unfolded clothes, and I still haven’t showered. (But I am making the time to blog while Apollo prances around with his snack cup trying to climb on the table so I can remember these small details of a good life.)

So anyway… yeah. Happy solstice! May light keep coming our way!

(Apollo, my darling boy, sort of thanks for napping a half hour…)


13 months

19 December 2017

My babe was born 13 months ago.
It has been the most joyous and exciting 13 months yet!

I’ve really been blessed with many wonderful chapters in my life so far, but Apollo adds so much goodness and spice to the mix. I love it. It is so fun to watch him learn and grow, and it feels so good to be loved and adored by him. I feel so blessed to be his mama!

I think everyone knows that I adore Apollo and that I love being his mother. But I also don’t want to forget who I am as an individual, as a woman, as Chelsea. So I think about that a lot, and about who I am and how I am and what I do.

And this time of year, I think about #lighttheworld! And presents and Christmas music and traditions and snow and cinnamon rolls and Christmas lights and Christmas movies and Rudolph and our homemade stockings and Christmassy clothes and baking and giving and loving… and the birth of Jesus! I LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME, as many people do.

And hooray hooray, because my sister, Stacy, and her boys and husband will be here for Christmas this year. I love the family together time and look forward to seeing my brother some too.

Back to my 13 month old BOY…
Apollo had a great day today. He woke up fairly well rested around 8 am. He and I played in his room while Chris got ready for the day, then he and Chris hung out while I got ready. Apollo and I went to my mom’s house to play with my visiting sister, Stacy, and her boys. That was a good time. Grandma’s house has lots of good toys and food. After a few hours of play, it was time for a solid 2+ hour nap. During nap time I made bread with my nephew and played legos with my nieces! Success. And then all of Apollo’s Owens cousins were over when he woke up and he was surrounded with love, and a dash of chaos. Chris came home from work and we ate and watched a Christmas movie. Apollo and I cuddled in our orange chair with some snacks and the movie. And then Chris and I gave him a bath. Apollo enjoyed some popcorn today, piano playing, climbing on the stool, table, and couch, and lots of cuddles. Can’t express how much I adore my baby boy, who isn’t as much of a baby anymore, but I refuse to call him toddler for a good while.

HAPPY 13 months to my baby boy! <3


Geminid Meteor Shower

14 December 2017

I love a starry sky.

Looking at the stars makes me feel small, yet significant. It helps me feel connected with the people of the world and of the heavens. It grounds me to the earth and lifts me to the skies.

Chris and I went out to the driveway last night to give Edel some playtime and to watch the meteor shower. I loved seeing all the falling stars! And it was good to make Edel happy too with some ball chasing and fetch. That dog is such a ball girl.

In the past, when it’d be 11:11 or I saw a shooting star, I always wished for happiness. I was happy, yes, but it’s what was important to me and so I always wished for me of it. And for lots of it to go around in the world.

But now I’m thinking it’s time to wish for more love to go around. And then happiness comes from love. Anyway, lots of goodness to go around all the time to everyone everywhere everyday. :)

And good news! I just saved a bundle on car insurance…. by uninsuring Penelope who has parked to rest on my Dad’s lawn for another winter. Love that car.

And other good news… we got our Christmas tree! Thank you, tree.

Lower 48

Utah dezembro 2017

13 December 2017

Chris and Apollo boy and I spent a week in Utah after we went to Vegas. It was great to be with Chris’s family and see a few friends, and see some Utah nature. But every time I’m in Utah, which is frequently, a couple times a year usually, I don’t get enough nature/adventure time. Need to make that happen more next time we go. Regardless, it was really really great and uplifting to spend time with family and loved ones.


AND bonus:
I really enjoyed hours of thrift shopping.
We ate too much cafe rio, but it was all really tasty.
Went on a few lego shopping trips. :)
Got some sacred time at the Oquirrh Mountain temple.

I feel grateful for the families we have and the people we love. And I’m grateful for the opportunities we have to spend time with our loved ones and visit different places. Apollo did great while traveling and we all adore that baby boy ever so much.