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14 December 2017


Geminid Meteor Shower

14 December 2017

I love a starry sky.

Looking at the stars makes me feel small, yet significant. It helps me feel connected with the people of the world and of the heavens. It grounds me to the earth and lifts me to the skies.

Chris and I went out to the driveway last night to give Edel some playtime and to watch the meteor shower. I loved seeing all the falling stars! And it was good to make Edel happy too with some ball chasing and fetch. That dog is such a ball girl.

In the past, when it’d be 11:11 or I saw a shooting star, I always wished for happiness. I was happy, yes, but it’s what was important to me and so I always wished for me of it. And for lots of it to go around in the world.

But now I’m thinking it’s time to wish for more love to go around. And then happiness comes from love. Anyway, lots of goodness to go around all the time to everyone everywhere everyday. :)

And good news! I just saved a bundle on car insurance…. by uninsuring Penelope who has parked to rest on my Dad’s lawn for another winter. Love that car.

And other good news… we got our Christmas tree! Thank you, tree.