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8 January 2018


sete de janeiro de 2018

8 January 2018

I’m up late watching Saturday’s Warrior (1989!!), eating sourdough toast, and drinking tea. My boys are asleep. I should maybe be asleep, but I can’t seem to pull myself away from this classic eighties church movie!
It’s been a nice sabbath day. I like Sundays. They’re usually full of some good church time, some good family time, and usually Chris and I watching something on the tellie. Today it was Planet Earth II. It’s just really nice to hang out at home with Apollo and Chris – simple and lovely.

Apollo looked so cute and too grown up today. He’s such a perfect darling. I adore him. He’s been sleeping for a few hours and I’m almost ready for him to wake up so I can help him out of his crib and nurse him back to sleep in our cozy bed.

It was a really nice fast Sunday today. Many inspired testimonies of Christ were born and those meetings always uplift me. For Sunday school, I taught the 12-13 year olds about the godhead and specifically, how we can recognize His hand in our lives. Great subject for a lesson and I like all the kiddos in the class too. It would’ve been nice if I had more than 7 seconds to prepare the lesson, but their teacher wasn’t there and a teacher was needed. I’m glad I can do a pretty decent job with teaching on the fly. And Chris and Apollo were both in there too and I liked that. I hope the kids’ testimonies of Christ were strengthened. Mine was.

The relief society meeting was great I’m sure. But I missed 90% of it by trying to put Apollo to sleep. He didn’t fall asleep till we drove home haha. Church time is difficult for nappers!

But I sure like it lots anyway.