Moose watching

2 May 2018

WE LOVE MOOSE. Apollo and I were hanging out on the couch the other morning, and then he was like, “moo… moo!” So I turned around and HELLO MOOSE! This yearling bull moose was just munching on our grass and walking around our lawn and porch. The mama is seen in the alders in this picture and was later eating greens across the road. And then I went and changed Apollo’s diaper in his room, and guess who was right outside his window… the little bull moose again! It was exciting.

And the next day… here comes mama to the porch! Her little boy wasn’t with her, so I’m wondering if she sent him along his merry way so she can give birth soon. No matter how many times we see moose, it’s always exciting watching them, and it’s especially magical to reexperience life through Apollo’s curious eyes. Goodness, I love this kid. <3

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