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29 August 2018


We made it to summit pass!

29 August 2018

Oh my beloved summit pass.

My favorite place in all the world, maybe. I think it’s these mountains that gave me a love for mountains and valleys and hiking and camping and backpacking. I’m always really happy here.

Even if it’s pouring down rain. Thought it’s much more pleasant when it’s not! This short trip there was a lot of rain and a lot of chilly weather. Apollo had his rain suit (AND LOOKED ADORABLE), but we could’ve been better prepared. We took a couple friends with us this year and had a really nice time together. We really only saw each other while hiking though, because the rest of the time we were waiting out the rain in our tents, or setting up/packing up camp. Funny.

There were LOADS of watermelon berries along the trail and Apollo looooved it. Nice little trail snack. And as you can see, I carried Apollo, and Chris pretty much carried everything else, with the exception of a couple things in Edel’s pack. I had never packed so lightly for a camping trip! Could’ve used more warm clothes. :)

Happier campers when the rain stopped! LOVE THIS KID. And he loved the river – Summit Creek, which comes from Summit Lake. Oh beloved Summit Pass. <3