Light the World

3 December 2018


Christmastime can be so magical. I love this time of year and all the lights and music and giving and love.

We went to the nutcracker faire, which is always a festive occasion. And when we came home, after cleaning up our messes, we did our 1st annual December box! Chris and Apollo and I all got some nice gray PJs and the lego advent calendar. Fun fun. Another good idea for the December box would be a new Christmas movie and maybe some good snacks, and I could use some good snacks right now. I want white cheddar cheese-itz haha. We’ve got a lot of new Christmas movies to watch though, thanks to Mom last year and Barb’s video close out sale this year.

It has been so fun singing Christmas songs to Apollo and teaching him and Mary and angels and baby Jesus. What a joyous time of year!

PS I am so annoyed with freaking dog hair and it’s driving and it’s driving me nutso.


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