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January 2019


Preparing the Nest

31 January 2019

Baby boy can arrive any day. And I am really hoping it’s Sunday or Monday, then all my people and birth team can be there – my mom, my sister, Chris’s mom, obviously Chris, and my favorite midwife! But I trust that baby will come whenever it’s best.

I’ve been accomplishing plenty of little home projects lately to prepare for his arrival, to have two kids, to recover well postpartum, and for my mother in law to get here. Apollo and I have gone on some good adventures and also have watched lots of magic school bus episodes. He knows the characters and it’s so cute. We adore him.

Looking forward to having another little babe to adore, and to receive a piece of life that I didn’t even know was missing. Still deciding on a name, but we’ll figure it out. Naming kids isn’t super duper easy.

Chris has been extreeemely busy and we’ve hardly seen each other, but that busy time is almost over! However it’ll soon be replaced by transitioning to being parents of two darling boys. Chris’s mom will be around for a couple weeks. And my mom and Holly are usually always around too. Except my grandad just passed away so they’re headed to California next week. Hopefully they’ll be here in time for baby boy to arrive! So glad they live just a couple minutes away because they’re so helpful and good.

It’s hard to believe Grandad is gone. That’s going to be a big life changer for my dad, since he’s been with G&G for the past three years helping them out. He’s done an excellent job of helping grandad stay well. And now I like to imagine my baby boy in heaven, being prepared for earth life by his great grandparents, Grandad included. I’m excited to meet our boy and love him and share life with him, very soon!



1 January 2019

It’s 2019!

My last day of 2018 was kind of dumb and lame, until we went to a New Year’s Eve party, then it got mucho better. But overall, the year was great, and it’s exciting thinking of all the prospects and possibilites ahead.

Just have to share this spectacular fireworks picture hahahaha. I feel like, for the most part, fireworks pictures with phones are a waste. And you look away from the actual beauty of the fireworks in real life to capture a crappy picture. Kinda funny. But it does preserve a memory.

Our two years with Apollo have been splendid, and our five years of marriage have been great, and we’re excited to welcome a new little boy in a month or so. Good things straight ahead!