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Bird Attack-see video!!! :)

19 January 2012

It’s almost Christmas! It’s weird being here down under where Christmas is not cold and snowy, but thank goodness it’s been nice and rainy here do it’s not deathly hot. But with all this rain lots of peeps are sick and my companion was pretty sick this week too. (And I hope I’m not getting sick too, so I’m drinking lots and lots of water. Basically, water is the cure for almost eveything. :) ) We stayed home wednesday and thursday and she rested and recuperated and I read and studied lots and lots and wore tie dye and my new mc hammer pants and listened to christmas music and made about 1000 paper snowflakes. Good times.
I tried making brownies this week with brasilian ingredients and a recipe I made up, and it didn’t turn out too fantastically. It was basically like costco chocolate chip muffins which are uma delícia. But I just gave them to our dear zone leaders and all is well.
Sister Johnson and I sang lovely Christmas hymns for some delightful senhoras this week. Twas grand.
And my dearest Alderina, (a blessed soul that Sister Morales and I taught in Jardim da Penha), she called me yesterday and she’s doing so well and she is so firm and always goes to church and does everything wonderfully. I love her and it is so good being a missionary making a difference in people’s lives and going about doing good.
It’s been hard finding people to teach and it is wicked hard bringing people to church, and it was hard to see if I was making much of a difference or not. But when Alderina called it was so great and made everything and all the hard days and hard moments worth it. It’s all worth it in the end and you never know what a difference you are making in people’s lives.
We had a missionary work fireside last night and it was sooooo good and the missionaries in this zone are fantásticos! This is the last week of the transfer and who knows where I’ll be next week. Hopefully I’ll stay here because I love this ward so much and I don’t want to pack my bags. :) But the Lord knows what He’s doing and where we all should be and when. When you’re in the right place and the right time, miracles happen.
And what do you do when you want a miracle, you pray for a miracle.
Oh PS…. I got attacked by a bird this week. (see video)
post script- Love you all and Merry Christmas!


Blog catch up – Happy Thanksgiving

19 January 2012

I’m sorry to Chelsea’s readers… I’ve been such a slacker on updating her blog!!
So here it goes… I have a couple months to update… starting with Thanksgiving :)

Aloha e Happy Thanksgiving! 
Tis my first Thanksgiving outside of the USA and should be quite eventful! Woo hoo! Okay, probably won’t be too icredibly eventful, but I’ll do what I can. And we’ll have lunch with some of our most favorite people in Vila Velha! Almoçooo! 

This week was nice and full of miracles. Miracles happen all day everyday. The people we meet… they’re so life changing. 

We were doing some visits with one of our dear members, Val, and we didn’t have many people to teach. We’re searching for good peeps to teach, but all of the elect are hiding from us. We need more referrals from the members. They know lots of peeps here in Vila velha. Anyways, we were doing some fun little door knocking, and no one wanted to listen. Fantastic. Not really.
But then there was this funny little old man walking down the street and Val looked at him and told us to tlak to him so we talked to him and he basically changed the entire day. His name is Angelo.
He said he was Catholic, and that he goes to church once a year. Then he said he was Pentecostal. Then we asked him which church he goes to and he just started laughing. :) And he was laughing so hard he was knee slapping. I don’t ever want to forget him so I asked if we could take a picture with him. He said no because it’d so be ugly we’d throw the picture in the jungle. :) 

We also met a police officer and he talked to us and told us his life story for a couple hours. Twas grand. He has 46 years, aka he’s 46 years old. He talked a lot about family and when we saw him he was just sitting at his desk reading the Bible. Peeps are very good Bible readers here. Tis gooood. I learn a lot from them.

We may or may not have 3 batismos this weekend. We hope and pray so! But we’ll need a miracle. Good thing miracles happen all day everyday! 

We had stake conference this weekend. It was sooooooo good. I loooove conferências! They talked a lot about FAMÍLIA! THat’s what it’s all about eh? Sim. And that the most important things are family prayer, family home evening, and family scripture study. Families can be together forever! 

Happy Thanksgiving and be thankful alwaysssss! 
Be not weary in well doing. Galatas 6:9-10

Here in Itaparica, Sister Johnson and I have been looking for the elect. And hallelujah, a member gave us a referral of threeeee of the elect. So Adriana, Igor, and Dayane were supposed to get baptized and confirmed this weekend, but they disappeared. And by disappear, I mean that they said we cuold stop by their house to share a lesson and when we went there, everything was packed up and they had moved. Fantastico. Needless to say, we didn’t have three batisms and confirmations this weekend.
It’s been raining a lot here, but it’s fun to get stuck in a good downpour now and again. The elders had a baptism yesterday and it was lovely to see people changing and becoming happier! Leaving the church, started to rain, a lot a lot, and we didn’t have our umbrellas. How lovely. :) 
Thanksgiving we ate with some of our most favorite members and it was grrrreat. Don’t know what we’ll be doing for Christmas or if I’ll even still be here. We have transfers on the 13th of dezembro.
Some wonderful scriptures this week: D&C 9:7-9 adn D&C 6:22-23
The Lord answers and hears all of our prayers. Obrigada for praying for me and know that I pray for you too


Tchau to this transfer here in Itaparica!

4 November 2011

Tchau to this transfer here in Itaparica! I believe I’ll be staying here with Sister Johnson again and it should be lovely because this place is grand and these people are too.
Geter got baptised and now the family is complete!
We are teaching some lovely souls and change is a good thing.
1 Thessalonias 5:16


Last week of transfer in Itaparica

27 October 2011

Tis the last week of the transfer here in Itaparica. I think I’ll stay here, but you never know.
We had interviews and zone conference this week. Sooo lovely. I learned a lot and just want to do better. So many things to improve, but that is the beauty of it all, we can always progress! Ser feliz e progredir!
Last week Gabi and Raquel from my first area came and played with us. We ate cookies and I made about 2000 paper snowflakes and played a little ukulele. :D I also made smores on the stove with flavored marshmallows and maisena crackers. Yummo. And this week we had lunch with one of our recent convert families and ate fish. Yum yum fish is heavenly.
Has been lovely and rainy here, thank goodness. It’s not too hot and I’m not melting. But as you can see from one of the pictures, a car drove by and splashed me and I got all wet. :) Funny.
I like this area and tis lovely being here. There are good days and better days and it’s so fantastic when the people understand what we teach. We have two baptisms this saturday of Geter and Maria Teresa. And then two confirmations sunday!
I got a glorious pile of mail this week when we went to the mission office. As always, Lenny and Lexxy and Carolyn, I love everything you all say and send! And Kanasa and Katie and Carla and Buddy… muito obrigada!
Hope life is swell and that Halloween week is happy!


Saved a pigeon

24 October 2011

Twas a rainy week, hallelujah that it’s not too incredible hot. 
Sunday morning we got up nice and early to go fetch some souls to go to church with us. We got up extra early too because the time changed. And we left nice and tired, trekking in the rain, and no one went to church with us. Poo. I don’t like walking to church in the rain when nobody comes with us. But them when we finally arrived at church nice and late, our lovely Maria Teresa was there! 
I love when people live the gospel on their own and do the right things because they want too. Que alegria!
And then my dear Gabi showed up at church too! Alegria de novo! 

We have interviews with our dear Presidente this week and zone conference too. Shall be marvelous and much needed. 

And good news! I just saved a bundle on car insurance by switching to geico! Okay, not really, the closest I get to driving a car down here is just getting run over by one, which has not happened yet because of some little angels I think. hehehe :)
Oh but the real good news… we helped save a broken pigeon yesterday from drowning in the sewer river. Always oppurtunities to do good deeds! You just have to look for them! 
Com amor, Sister Owens

P.S. I making lots of snow flakes these days. I could really go for a snow storm.


Misericórdia! Um ano!‏

11 October 2011

Here’s some lovely pictures from a funny week. We’ve been having some heaven sent rain and it’s not too hot. Hallelujah. But the mosquitos surely are out and about. 

October 6th, I woke up, with one year as Sister Owens!! I also woke up with what appeared to be chicken pox. My goodness the mosquitos attacked me. But all is well. I have now started to use my mosquito net.

We’re finding some lovely souls here in Itaparica. We talked with a girl on the street yesterday who was just sitting on the sidewalk cryign, with a guitar and a backpack. She basically has a horrible life and it’s amazing how the Lord works through others to meet our needs.

I’m sooo grateful to be here. We’re lucky peeps we are.


Itaparica week 2 :)‏

4 October 2011

Here are my pictures from last week and from this week too.
The rodoviara like always was a lovely festa. So good when everybody is together! 
This week we had sisters conference and it was soooo very lovely. I just love these missionaries and learning so many wonderful things! And I got mail too! Yay! Obrigada lovely Cottams and Hayley and Connie and Shara!!! I love mail. 
We had general conference too and it was so lovely and famílias eternas and o livro de mormon and marvelous and true. :D
We are lucky blessed peeps. 
Love you all. Have a splendid week! 



28 September 2011

One word… ITAPARICA!
Yay I’m in Itaparica-Vila Velha! I’m here with Sister Johnson and Sister Nicásio and it is a festa. :) This transfer shall be fantastico! It is way different than my dear Aracruz, but it’s lovely being closer to everything now.

We had transfers Tuesday and twas marvelous! I saw my favorite familia from Jardim da Penha and my dear Alderina was at the rodoviaria too! I looove transfers and tis so good partying with all the missionaries at the bus station for the afternoon. 
And Jardim da Penha opened for sisters again! I was so hoping I would go back, but I’m excited to be in Itaparica now! 

The peeps here are grrrreat. The chapel is fantastic too! And it looks like I might become the ward pianist this transfer. :) 
We’re teaching the cutest little old man named Wolmar. I love these blessed souls! And there’s yummy açaí all over the place! Yay! 

General Conference is this weekend! Can’t wait! The Relief Society broadcast was soooo wonderful and can’t wait to hear more lovely inspired words to orient my life. 

All of the talks and classes and firesides and Liahona and everything seem to be about famílias eternas these days! Yay my favorite thing! Families can be together forever! Iupi!!!

PS When I got the the house in Itaparica (which doesn’t have hot water… poo I don’t like cold showers), there were cookies in the fridge and freezer. That’s a good sign. And we got new mattresses too! All sorts of little blessings every single little moment.



Sunshine, you are my sunshine…

26 September 2011

Sunshine, you are my sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You’ll never know dear how much I love you, but please don’t take my sunshine away.
There’s lots of sunshine here in Aracruz. Everyday is getting hotter and hotter. Misericórdia. Buuuut, I’ll be leaving this wonderful place and people tomorrow morning. On to new places with new people for new adventures. It shall be lovely of course, but my goodness I will miss all of this here. 5 1/2 months of my life dedicated to the beloved people and land of Aracruz. Tis good.
Our dear Presidente and Sister Araújo came here yesterday for church. They brought some goodies to our house like cups and bowls and the first microwave of Missão Brasil Vitória! Including microwave popcorn. Yay. But I haven’t changed too too much, still not a microwave fan. :)
We asked them if they had any info about transfers to tell us, but they said we’d have to wait till sunday night. Transfers happen tuesday afternoon and we find out sunday night if we’ll stay or go. Then we have monday to pack or bags. Not a huuuge fan of this because I like very much to say goodbye and thank you to the people I love so much, but presidente knows what he’s doing.
And at church sunday school and relief society were all about eternal families! Yay for casamento eterno! :D And Presidente Araújo gave a talk in sacrament meeting, and he told the members of Aracruz how much we love them. And then he said and when the sisters´s love for the people is so great, they get moved to other places to be able to love other people too. Then I started crying a bit because I love these people so so much and I figured I’d be transfered and it’s so sad to leave. :( And after sacrament meeting he told us that I was leaving and the other three sisters would stay here. Then I started to cry a bit more and giving hugs and obrigadas to the wonderful people here in Aracruz.
And we’re teaching so many good people right now who will be getting baptized so soon and I’ll miss out on it. And who knows when I’ll be able to see these blessed souls again, maybe not until the big party in the celestial kingdom. Gave me a nice eternal perspective yesterday. But oh my goodness I am just so eternally grateful to have been here with such wonderful wonderful peeps.
For other news of the week, just look at the pictures.
I found my dear Nilda cleaning the streets.
I did some translating for a dutch man at the police station. And then he bought us sugar cane juice.
We had a fantastico district meeting/festa.
I had a nice art project in my scriptures.
I carried 20 little breads on my head.
I said goodbye to some beautiful souls.
And obrigada tambem.


Boa semana para vocês!

20 September 2011

Monday: was a lovely P-day! I ate a cute little fish and had a wonderful FHE with wonderful wonderful people. We talked about eternal life. Yay!

Tuesday: Dad’s birthday, my 11 month mark too. Had a very lovely morning study time and then we headed to lunch. I left the house kind of sad. Then as my companion was sharing a message with the family where we ate lunch, I started to cry. Couldn’t really stop. The lovely sisters gave me hugs, but I just wanted to hug my family. So we went home, I laid on my bed, read letters from my family, and cried, feeling more homesick than ever before. Took a little nap and woke up two hours later feeling better. The sisters brought açaí to our house and we had a little açaí feast and then a bit later we taught a lovely family.

Wednesday: Our dear Presidente e Sister Araújo came here to Aracruz and I talked with Presidente and he gave me a blessing and he asked if I wanted to call home. Crying I replied yes. Yay yay! Then we went to lunch with the Araújos and came home and Presidente handed me his phone and I called my dearest família and felt much much much better and now I’m doing great and am normal and happy again.

Thursday: Went to Ibiraçu and did lots of visits with dear Luana. 

Friday: Had a lovely visit with the wonderful family we’re teaching. We had juice and cake and talked about the Plan of Salvation. :) They’re getting married, but first he has to get divorced. They should be getting baptized in a month. :)

Saturday: Lovely times with lovely members. And lots and lots of lessons. And a very wonderful activity where Shrek 4 was on and lots of yummy food. Yay! I love these peeps of Aracruz. A lot.

Sunday: Wonderful church. Had 11 investigators there! Yay! But 4 of them left early. :( We are teaching some fantastic souls, they just have to choose to follow what they’re learning.

Twas a grand week. My love and gratidude for everything that happens grows everyday. And it just amazes how minutely Heavenly Father works in every aspect of our lives. As a wise soul once told me, “Not even a falling leaf goes unnoticed by God.” :) He knows us all and what is best for us! 

I do believe this is my last week here in Aracruz. More than 5 months I’ve been here. It is most likely time for change.

Boa semana para vocês! 


Boa Tarde!!

19 September 2011

Boa tarde!

A lovely quote that my dear sister sent me…
“what if you woke up today, with only the things, that you thanked God for yesterday?”
Amém. :)

Another week goes by. Weird how time is. I’ve got 11 months on the mission tomorrow. Estranho.
Well no time to say much, but just look at the pictures and see what I’m up to. Oh hallelujah for fotos.

Had some very lovely festas this week with some very lovely people. Transfers are in 2 weeks and seeing as how I already have 5 months here in Aracruz, it might be my last two weeks with these blessed souls.

Had some marvelous FHEs this week. I made brownies and cookies and it was pretty heavenly. 
My toe is doing great. :) The nail will soon be growing back I hope.
I ate some little fishies this week! They were delicious! It had been so long without fishies! Yum.
It’s getting hotter here. Eca. I’m not a very big fan of heat. I miss snow. But I make a sufficient amount of paper snowflakes so it’s all good.

Have a lovely week full of inspirations!

-Sister Owens


11 Months!!!

8 September 2011

Boa tarde!

A lovely quote that my dear sister sent me…
“what if you woke up today, with only the things, that you thanked God for yesterday?”
Amém. :)

Another week goes by. Weird how time is. I’ve got 11 months on the mission tomorrow. Estranho.
Well no time to say much, but just look at the pictures and see what I’m up to. Oh hallelujah for fotos.

Had some very lovely festas this week with some very lovely people. Transfers are in 2 weeks and seeing as how I already have 5 months here in Aracruz, it might be my last two weeks with these blessed souls.

Had some marvelous FHEs this week. I made brownies and cookies and it was pretty heavenly. 
My toe is doing great. :) The nail will soon be growing back I hope.
I ate some little fishies this week! They were delicious! It had been so long without fishies! Yum.
It’s getting hotter here. Eca. I’m not a very big fan of heat. I miss snow. But I make a sufficient amount of paper snowflakes so it’s all good.

Have a lovely week full of inspirations!

-Sister Owens


2 Nephi 2:11

6 September 2011

I got to give a lovely talk in church yesterday about overcoming out challenges and difficulties. I learned a lot. Basically life is full of ups and downs. It has to be. If we don’t have downs, we can’t have ups. This week for me was most definintely full of ups and downs, some hardddd (and wicked hot) days, but then saturday and sunday came and things turned wonderful again.
But 2 Nephi 2:11 opposition is necessary to our Heavnely Father’s plan of happniess. And as we develop Christ like attributes, we learn so much from our trials and afflictions and realize that they our for our benefit. Tudo vai dar certo, tá bom? Tá ótimo. :)
I’m meeting so most wonderful peeps here, such lovely souls. But it’s so interesting how when sunday comes around, they disappear off the face of the earth and don’t show up at church. Hmm…. But sometimes when I meet people or talk with them on the street, I look at them and it’s like hmmm… I know them from somewhere. Yep.
We had zone conference and it was celestial! Elder Claudio R. M. Costa and his wife were here! Chique demais. I learned soooo much and I’m soooo grateful we have prophets and apostles to lead us through these hard times. And it was so lovely to be with the dear missionaries of our dear mission.
And I got a nice little pile of mail (and a Liahona) and muitos mahalos for my favorites Cottams, Tingy, Mum, and Christine Tietjen. I love mail! And I got a nice box from me mum with chocolate and peanut butter and all sorts of goodies. Unfotunately, the chocolate went out rather quickly. :) I seem to have a problem with that.

Well enjoy the pictures from this week, they’re perhaps kind of random, like always, but have some signifacance for me. :)

This week…

24 August 2011

“Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look at the stars.” -Henry van Dyke
This week… taught 35 lessons, 174 contacts, 20 new investigators, and 6 people at church! Yay! I love when people are at church. And sunday was a rainy day (thank gooooodness), but we still had peeps at church. Yippee skippee!
And then after church we had one of the best lunches ever with like three different families. It was a little churrasquinho festa. :) And the Work and the Glory was on the tele. Oh how I loooove church movies. Especially about the Restoration! Anyways, the members here in Aracruz are wonderful and help us a lot.
This week, did some english teaching. I mean teaching about the Book of Mormon in english. There’s a Dutch man here named Herman who is friend of some members and every single thing in his life is falling apart right now. He doesn’t really speak portuguese but he speaks english so I was teaching him and he’s reading the Book of Mormon and praying and it’s a wonderful getting to know him and to learn from his example. So many things to learn from every single person.
I was talking to some guy on the street this week. His name was Elder.
I love the Pearl of Great Price.
I want a fusca, aka vw bug.
Our new district leader is Elder Gneiting. I was in the mtc at the same time as him. He’s a funny one. :) And now that Sister Morales Elder Jotinha are gone (ps obrigada por peanut butter!!) I’m got to start playing piano, which is lovely of course.
I love you all lots and lots and hope your days are full of joyfuls and progresso.


Aracruz Round 4

22 August 2011

Oi queridos!
We had transfers this week. Just full of happy and sad feelings! Most thankfully, our dear Presidente let Sister do Prado and I go to the transfer meeting in Vitória even though we weren’t transfered. I looove transferências! It’s sooo good to see everyone! So wonderful. Most of the pictures this week are from transfers because it was just a marvelous day seeing some of my most favorite people and playing in Vitória.
But sadly Sister Dias and Sister Michelotto were transferred and I miss those crazies a lot, but we’ve got Sister Cunha and Sister Vieira here now, who are just wonderful.
And another sadly/happily, Sister Morales is now home and I had to say goodbye. :( but que alegria to have such good blessed souls in my life!
And at transfers I got heavenly mail! Muito obrigada to dear Denise, Holly, Mom, and of course the whole Cottam family. My goodness I am blessed with wonderful peeps.
Sister do Prado and I had a great week of missionary work, as always. :) We found some super super wonderful people, but most unfortunately, they didn’t go to church. Why don’t these peeps go to church?? It takes so much work and we go to get them and they pretend they’re not home and ladeedahdada…
Anyways, Mirian, the wonderful mother of two of our recent converts, finally came to church. Three months of trying to get her to church and she finally went! Yay! And she loved it, all three hours. Adn she said how she just felt so much peace. Now she just has to stop smoking and then… batismo! But they are some of my most favorite people here in Aracruz and I”m happy I’m still here.
By the way, my little dedinho, aka little big toe, is doing good. I had a few glorious days in flip flops with a big ol’ bandade, but now I’m just using regualar spiderman bandaids and some cream.
And the new Assistente, Elder Lopes Silva, called last night to ask about a girl Sister Morales and I were working with when we were in JArdim da Penha. Her name is Elisangela and she most unfortunately decided not to get baptized at the time, but they’re working with her again and how lvoely it is to know when the seeds you have planted are reaping fruits!
Well I’m learning oodles, basically that we can do anything and nothing is impossible. :) But seriously, pode fazer qualquer coisa com o Senhor.
PS Bye Buddy. Hope you find your dad. :)


Big Toe News

19 August 2011

Queridos Pessoas, :)
The most eventful event of the week, would be related to my big toe. Well it’s been infected quite badly for 7 weeks now, and then I got some other little random infection that popped up wednesday and so I finally decided to go to the doctor.
Let’s start with Thursday morning. We went to the capela, and had our last district meeting with our dear district and our dear district leader. We had a lovely festa with brownies, popcorn, and spiritual thoughts. :) And the best part was when the elders gave us four sisters blessings. Oh my goodness how I was needing a blessing and it pretty much changed everything. Obrigada sacerdocio and lovely elders! It helped so so much. My little big toe was blessed too.
Then after lunch, me and these three dear Sisters headed to the doctor, waiting for an hour in the waiting room, then waiting for an hour and a half in the operating room place, then ol´ Dr. Sixto finally came in.
He fillllled my toe with anesthesia (don’t know how to spell that, or say that, I1m a little confused as to which word is portuguese and which word is english and I think I mixed them together). Basically, after he put in the first couple needles, I didn’t feel a thing. And thank goodness too.
The doctor man grabbed the knife thing and just cut my toe nail in half. Then he got some giant tweezer things and ripped the nail out. Then he took the little knife again and cut off the big blob of infected skin. Twas bleeding quite a lot, but I wasn’t watching. But the sisters filmed it for me and I’ve watched it a couple times now. Still make me cringe. Poor dedinho.
Sister Michelotto was saying how he was cutting my toe just as if he were cutting the fat off a piece of beef. And then after that he got some sort of tool and was zapping my toe. Like burning it to make it scar faster and stop bleeding. So that was that. Then he put a giant bundle of gause on my foot and some cream and some tape and I was good to go. :)
That was thursday afternoon. Then Sister do Prado and I went home,  and I propped my foot up in the air, made cinnamon toast and hot chocolate, and wrote in my journal. Twas lovely.
Then friday I stayed home all day too. Sister Dias stayed with me for the first part of the day, then Sister Michelotto. I made paper snowflakes, ate mango, read Moses, and didn’t shower. I almost forgot I was a missionary. :)
Saturday I was back to normal work walking all day long and teaching peeps.
It doesn’t hurt or anything and it healing quite nicely. I’m taking some antibiotic to get the infection out of me and a little something else so that I don’t feel any pain. Every morning I go to the hospital and they change the bandaging and such. I think tomorrow will be the last day I’ll have to go the hospital and that I can just change it myself. It doesn’t bleed or hurt or anything but it isn’t very pretty.
We have transfers tomorrow. Emoção! Sister do Prado and I will stay here in Aracruz and unfortunately our dear Sister Dias and Sister Michelotto are being transfered. So sad. We’re getting two new wonderful sisters tomorrow night. The saddest part is that I don’t get to go to Vitória for the transfer meeting and I don’t get to see everyone and have a little festa at the bus station. And I dopn’t get to see Sister Morales again for a long time. :( But everything has it’s puropse and tomorrow we plan on finding uma família who is married with lots of kids and all ready to be baptized.
The greater the sacrifice the greater the reward.
This morning as I was about ponderwondering, the scripture Proverbs 3:5-6 popped into my head. It helped me a lot. Tis true né? Sim papai.
I love you peeps a lot and everything is bom demais.


“Mãos que Ajudam”

17 August 2011


















August! I believe it is now getting much hotter here in Espírito Santo. Everyday I’m reminded of how I am not a big fan of the heat. :) It’s not too wicked hot, but my goodness how I miss making a good snow angel now and again. :)

This is the last week of the transfer. I’m excited for transfers. I’m needing some sort of change. I’ve been here for 4 months and I seem to be talking with all the same people on the street. I don’t really want to leave Aracruz because I really love these members and recent converts so so much, but I think I need a little change. We’ll see what happens in a week.

Had a lovely week. Had a wonderful Helping Hands service project in Colatina. “Mãos que Ajudam.” And I got to wear tie dye and jeans! Twas fantastic! And there was a reporter there and she interviewed me (just because I’m from the USA) and it was funnnny. It might be on youtube if you look up “Mãos qu ajudam Colatina 2011” but I don’t know for sure.

Then we had FESTA JUNINA at the church on Saturday night. Basically the typical costume is like ugly, hence the pictures with us with unibrows and blacked out teeth. :) You just go kind of redneckish style and there’s fun little dresses too, and dances and yummy food and everything. Twas a lovely festa and it was so funny when us 4 got to the church dressed up nice and lovely with our braids and blacked out teeth. I love Brasil.

Tis marvelous to be a missionary. I’m just learning oodles everyday. I love these people a lot a lot and things are going pretty well. We’re just searching all the streets to find our elect family to baptize, but we haven’t found them yet. You’ve just got to endure to the end. Enduuuuuuure memso. 

I’ll send lots of sunshine your way. There’s too much here. :) 
PS We discvovered a store that sells brownies! Yahoo! And I made cookies this week for a birthday party with one of the elders in our district. Hallelujah for cookies. Oh the joys in life.


Chelsea’s at the end of this video:


25 julho 2011, only 5 months till Christmas :)

26 July 2011

Twas a good week, the highlight being Sisters Conference in Vitória at the mission home with the 11 lovely sisters of the mission, Presidente e Sister Araújo, and the assistentes. It was soooo good. And I got to spend the day with such delightful people. Splendid. Twas celestial. And I got a lovely bundle of mail from the dearest Cottams. Oh how am I blessed with such good peeps in my life. 

Speaking of celestial, the members of Aracruz just got back from the temple. Three families sealed and you can just feel and see the light they have now. The temple is 19 hours away and they go twice a year. It’s humbling to see the sacrifices of so many people and how dedicated they are to go to the house of the Lord. I can’t wait to go to the temple again. PS, if you live near a temple, take advantage of it and realize your blessings. 

Well I had a nice rain bath the other day. It’s been raining a little and a lot and it’s like cold here. It’s so chilly and night and in the morning and we just don’t have warm clothes or things l like that. And one little blanket just isn’t doing it at night. Especially since my matress is about 4 inches thick too. :) And who knows how many sweaty elders have slept on that mattress. :) Oh well, it’s working pretty well for me. :)

 Anyways in the picture of us 4 sisters, you might have noticed that I’ve whipped out my striped sleevies that I found on the beach at Diamond Creek and am using them as leg warmers. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

Yesterday was sunday. There was a baptism. The font would fill up so the sisters filled it up with buckets from the sink. They we realized that there were no baptism clothes in the church, so my companion and I ran home during sacrament meeting to get a white skirt and shirt for the girl who was baptized. Bagunça. :) But everything works out you know.

And yesterday Sister do Prado and I got up nice and early to walk a marathon before church to fetch like 20 people who promised to go with us. LEeft our house at 7:30, passed by like 15 houses, and… we walked to church alone, in the rain, with no investigators. Bugger. But we did all we could, so we’ll be blessed. :)

Well time is up. Until next week. Love you all lots and lots and count your many blessings.

PS was reading the General Conference Liahona and in a talk by Elder Richard G. Scott he said, ” We become what we want to be by constantly being what we want to become each day.”

-Sister Owens