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Utah dezembro 2017

13 December 2017

Chris and Apollo boy and I spent a week in Utah after we went to Vegas. It was great to be with Chris’s family and see a few friends, and see some Utah nature. But every time I’m in Utah, which is frequently, a couple times a year usually, I don’t get enough nature/adventure time. Need to make that happen more next time we go. Regardless, it was really really great and uplifting to spend time with family and loved ones.


AND bonus:
I really enjoyed hours of thrift shopping.
We ate too much cafe rio, but it was all really tasty.
Went on a few lego shopping trips. :)
Got some sacred time at the Oquirrh Mountain temple.

I feel grateful for the families we have and the people we love. And I’m grateful for the opportunities we have to spend time with our loved ones and visit different places. Apollo did great while traveling and we all adore that baby boy ever so much.

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Vortex Reunion of Love!

12 September 2017

July 12-16, 2017
Park City, Utah

Ten years ago on an island in the Pacific, seven young and beautiful girls came from all over the world, to create a sisterhood and eternal bonds of friendship. O’ahu was a vortex for us, drawing us in to its magic and filling us with light and love.

It’s been 10 years since our first semester at BYU-Hawaii. Life has taken each of us down different paths and to different places, but the friendship we share is the same. Gratefully, the stars aligned and we reunited again!

We came from Texas, Oregon, Washington, New Zealand, Alaska, and Utah, to gather in Park City. We brought our cute babies, (seven and a half kids in total) and our reunion was ever so sweet!

I don’t know if my words would accurately describe the love and joy I felt, so here’s some pictures which depict some of that emotion, and just some pictures to show how cute our kiddos are.

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Cali pt. 2 wif Carlala!

20 April 2017

There’s so many great pictures to share of our second week in California! But I’ll try and limit it to not more than 20. :) I just want to get all caught up with blogging our trips.

January 30 – February 6

We had a nice little flight to LAX. Apollo was a champ on the airplanes and we got to do early boarding! He’s the best. AND GUESS WHO WAS IN LAX WHEN WE GOT THERE!! Only my childhood bff, Carlacita Definwiffleball! I was so happy to have her and Apollo meet and look forward to her having kiddos someday too. AND it was super to have Apollo be with his cute cousins again. I love that Stacy and I have babes the same age.

January 31st, Holly’s birthday, us girls and kids loaded into the land rover and went to the beach. I got the jumpseat in the back back and that was pretty funny, but pretty useful.

I believe this was APOLLO’S FIRST TIME TO DA BEACH. It was nice and lovely. <3

OH! And we all found a good load of awesome beach glass, which my Stacy girl sits loves. And we all love my jumpsuit. ;) Jumpsuit in jumpseat. Okay, Brady was so cute with Hudson in the car. He always holds his hand. Sweet.

Brady also is so cute with Chris. Chris was busy flying our whole time there, but he and Brady did have some good times together building buried treasure of riding the scooter around, or even looking up and seeing Chris and the airplane in the sky!




















It was so nice to hang out together and eat yummy food and chuckle at funny things. So grateful that my bff really likes my family, because we all like her. :) 

I’m so grateful that California (and everywhere and everyone) is only an airplane(or airplanes) ride away! Keep things simple, yo. I loved spending time with my family and my dearest Carlita.

And my sister, Stacy, has been so helpful to me with Apollo since he was born only two months later than Hudson. She’s given us  load of baby stuff and lots of helpful advice. And she’s a great mother and it’s wonderful to share this magical time with her. Love it. I love my siblings. All my family members are really really great people.

When I left Ojai, Chris stayed there and did some more flight training for his commercial license. Not awesome being apart! But our trip was pretty awesome and God loves us all.


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20 April 2017

January 17-January 30


Our trip to Utah in January was about FAMILY and a bit of exploring and some flying and some friends and some food and some thrift stores too. :) We had a wonderful two weeks there and everyone really enjoyed Apollo. He’s such a delightful bebe boy! <3


When we go to Utah we stay at Chris’s mom’s house. She and Ray are such wonderful hosts and we really enjoy our time there. They take great care of us and they adored little Apollo. Ray was especially happy to meet the little bambino since we chose Apollo’s middle name mostly after Ray! And my middle name is Rae too.IMG_6430

We spent time with all the family and that’s why we were there. We wanted Apollo to meet everyone who loves him so mucho! Here he is with Chris’s dad, and with Chris’s grandma Lila, and with Chris’s half brother and sister – uncle Preston and aunt Lexi.IMG_65167F2638D5-2666-425D-8215-649EB2745B45IMG_6412

Apollo also got to meet his cute cousin Lucie and his aunts Heidi and Angela! We would’ve loved if he could’ve met his aunt Jen too, but it’ll have to wait till the next trip. He has now met all of his cousins, grandparents, living great grandparents, uncles, and almost all of his aunts! Lucky boy7838A018-43D1-4040-965A-51C50A6D753BF8D1B76D-8563-4576-8582-A4F26DEE4ABC

I loved seeing how much everyone loved our little babe. Here Apollo is with my grandma Farnworth and my wonderful uncle Mark! He met some great aunt/uncles too! And some first cousin once removed and some second cousins haha. IMG_6447IMG_6450IMG_6176IMG_6184D4363343-306B-44C3-A3E7-49AFACEF6F0F

Spending quality time with family was wonderful. It’s so nice to catch up with everyone when we go to Utah and share love and stories and admire little Apollo.

While Chris was busy flying or something, I saw a few friends too. Utah is quite the melting pot and I have lots of friends there and people I’d love to see, but the time is limited.

RaNae and I visited with my mission president and his wife, and that was pretty special! Oh how I loooove the Picketts. I’m so grateful for their influence in my life. IMG_6018

And I visited with my lovely roommates from BYU Jerusalem! We were missing our Shamra girl, but it was so wonderful to catch up with Lauren and Carly. Seriously, the Jerusalem Center collects and creates the greatest people.IMG_6300

AND we spent and evening with the Ballentines! This was so special. The Ballentines are one of my family’s favorite families. We grew up across the road from each other, playing on the pulley swing, playing cops and robbers…the best neighbors and friends. It was so good to catch up with so many of them. So good.IMG_4856

Chris got to see his good friend Rob Burgon too, fighter pilot extraordinaire. Really nice to eat dinner at their home with their family. We ate some food that reminded me of Brazilian chicken stroganoff which was a happy memory.


AND we ate Brazilian food too! The rice and beans and pão de queijo were delicious. Although it cost a pretty penny. I need to learn to make rice and beans the brazilian way.


Adventures were had while we were there too. RaNae took me to some field trip hot spots and taught me some Salt Lake Valley history. It was great! We even went to thrift stores together too, which I love. I want to go to some now, because I could totally use some new clothes.

IMG_6218 84818228-094A-4BEA-8258-AA099A4B17FE 88B7791B-2BBA-4452-8539-9E50ED7FC566 8E9B7476-5C47-402D-A5CE-A1D59A328CE1 2CD4BEAA-4FE8-4D32-9A98-AC17153F1A92

Apollo was such a doll the whole trip. He is the best! And Chris and I had a great time together too, playing skip bo all night long hahaha. I love Chris’s family a lot and it’s great to be around them. And I really loved seeing and experiencing all the love people had for my sweet baby boy.

IMG_6531 IMG_6505 IMG_6089 IMG_5961 FullSizeRender EF043251-34FA-44FA-933F-ADB9421D1223

Until next time Utah! See you in JU-LY.

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California pt. 1

21 February 2017

January 8 – January 16

Be prepared: photo dump

Our drive from Vegas to Ojai was great for the first half and okay for the second. Poor Apollo was kind of tired of being in his carseat I think. Buuuuut we made it, and Brady was so cute and waiting for us when we arrived! I adore that nephew of mine. He’s almost 3.

So fun to be with my sister and have our boys together! And good to rest too.


Fortunately, baby Hudson, who is 10 weeks older than little Apollo, had some of the same onesies! This made for good pictures together. 

I made sure to go on some good adventures with sweet Brady boy while we were in CA. We’d walk around the lot and rode our favorite trolley! And I just strapped Apollo on in a wrap and he was good to go. He’s so easy and perfect.

Here’s when we went and cruised around on Brady’s scooter through some good rain puddles. California is in need of water, and it hasn’t rained there much at all. BUT while we were there it rained a whole lot which was great for them! I would’ve been happy with sunshine too. :) And poor Chris needed clear skies for flying, but didn’t get it.Chris wasn’t around too much because he was busy working on his commercial pilot’s license. Brady just loves Chris “Tiss” though and was so happy with the time he got with him, whether it was reading at night or burying treasure in the yard or walking outside.

While we were there we slept at my uncle Jaret’s house. Stacy’s house is pretty little and perfectly cozy, and my uncle Jaret lives right down the street. So nice to just walk back and forth at morning and night and get good time with my sister and our baby boys.

And it was great being at church together too! I love that we have babies together! It’s so fun and good! Stacy’s husband, Scott, is in the bishopric and he’s a real champ. And it’s always great visiting the Ojai ward. It feels so familiar and good.

My dad grew up in Ojai and his parents live there still. They’re 91 and 92 so he’s been spending a lot of time there to help them. So when we’re there visiting, we often get to see my dear ol’ dad, which is always a treat! He’s a funny peach and I love and appreciate him. 

So our week in Ojai was really great. I loved spending time with my sister and our boys. And it was great to see my funny dad and funny uncle. I didn’t get to see my grandparents much because they were pretty sick, but luckily we got to go back to California after two weeks in Utah! Chris’s flight training totally did not go as planned while we were there, which was a challenge, but it worked out. Things always do!

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Las Vegas

17 February 2017

December 31 – January 7


We spent a week in Henderson, Nevada with Chris’s brother and his family. It was nice to get a little bit of sunshine, and it was especially nice to get a bunch of family time. My brother and sister in law and their four beautiful kids loved spending time with Apollo. It was so sweet and good to see them all love my boy.


When Chris and I go on trips to visit people, we’re totally good with just hanging out. It’s always good to explore and adventure around and experience new things, but spending time together is usually most important. And we had a really great week just hanging out with these guys. Bre and Lincoln and their kids are really great.

And of course, Apollo was so adorable. He had some great big big smiles and I noticed he was especially happy in the mornings.


Apollo’s belly button got a little funky while we were there. Based on what I saw and read online, he had an umbilical granuloma, and it was just too moist and didn’t dry out all that it needed too.

We did do a little adventuring while there and checked out the Hoover Dam. Cool with a capital C. I only wish we would’ve walked all the way across the bridge into Arizona! Would’ve given Apollo another state on his list. :) Really cool to see and learn a bit about though. AND my sister in law and I went to the strip to check out Carlo’s bakery and Buddy V’s restaurant! I’m a cake boss fan, so it was pretty neat to see that. I did miss BUDDY  though. :) Also, I didn’t care for the baked goods all that much, but the restaurant was great.

AND here’s another picture of my darling boy the night before we left.


We had a great week there, and I even watched Fuller House season 2 with Bre and Bella! And that was great. And we ate cafe rio and sweet tomatoes and zupas and some great ice cream.

And then…

And then….

And then and then and then and then and then

we drove to California. Beaut.

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Super Bowl LI

5 February 2017

Husband and Apollo and I have been in California the past week and today is super bowl Sunday. We enjoyed some football, great food, and good family time. 

My grandma has been pretty ill and we went and visited her in the hospital. It was good to see her smiling, but so sad to think it might be the last time I see her. I’m so grateful she and Apollo got to meet, even if it was brief. She was happy to see the little babe. 

My grandad bore a seeet testimony at church today and said how he misses his wife and how they’ve been married 68 years. What a long time! He loves the Lord and his family and my dear grandma. 

Here’s our adorable football, and some of the tasty food we ate. 

And now, as I go to beddie bye… I think if the gratitude I have my wonderful blessings. It was a good Sunday if family, food, and football. 

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Pregnant sisters

14 August 2016

I’ve been in California with my Stacy girl the past three days! She’s heavy with child, so I came down to be with child with her! And to help her out with her precious 2.5 year old, Brady boy. And to have a great time together. 

I’ve been here to Ojai many many times, some stays much longer than others, and I always really enjoy it here. This place and community have lots of inspiration to offer. And as per usual, it’s so nice hanging out with my sister. How wonderful to have siblings for my best friends. 

Her belly has lots bigger baby movements than mine. It’s crazy! Makes me excited for what’s ahead. Buuuuut we talked a lot about birth today and padcicles and cracked nipples and contractions and the intensity of all that, and it makes me feel a little scared and nervous. But she said our bodies know what to do, however there’s still much to prepare for! Like getting my iron levels from an 8.8 up to a 12 or so. I don’t really know what those iron levels mean, but my iron is too low, so I’m workin on replenishing that. 

It’s been super toasty warm here, like an unenjoyable, energy sucking heat. When we went out at 5 pm today, Brady’s kiddie pool provided some nice relief from the heat, and hopefully I got a little tanner. Brady and I went on a Great walk this morning too before it got too too hot. I like walking. Thank you legs and body.  

Grandma and Grandad live in Ojai as well and it’s really nice to be able to visit with them. Good ol’ Ojai!

AND I get some fresh squeezed OJ here! It’s the best. And I really like being at Stacy and Scott’s house and the way they eat and the way they live. Grateful I can be here with my sista right meow. 

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Consulate General of Brazil

23 September 2015

I’m glad the Brazilian tourist visa stuff is out of my hands now. Ever since we bought our plane tickets to Brazil just over a month ago, the visa stuff has stressed me out a lot. I was so worried we wouldn’t get to go to Brazil and that all out travel plans and monies and dreams are wasted. But alas, everything will work out.   

If you’re ever trying to get a tourist visa (vitur) to Brazil feel free to contact me! It was a hassle and the website was very unclear. The ladies working at the office were very kind though, and it was good speaking Portuguese with them! I did feel a little embarrassed of my Portuguese though because my accent is not what it once was. I need to get over that before we go to Brazil on Monday! I’m so excited. 

We’re are waiting on our visas now and will be able to pick them up in a couple days, hopefully by Thursday so we don’t have to change our flights to Orlando to visit Chris’s brother’s family. “Everything will be alright.”  

Btw, husband and I went to the consulate in person, but that’s not necessary. You can do it by mail I believe, or also pay for a visa service agency. The website isn’t as intimidating as it seems, but it is unclear. Anyway, all is well! 

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Tacoma, WA to Cannon Beach, OR – February 24th

30 March 2015

Road trippin’ with Chris is great (except for the beef jerky that smells like poo; it should not be allowed in cars/airplanes/confined spaces). Last month we spent 10 days in the Pacific Northwest and drove around a lot. We ate some fantastic food and spent quality time with good people. Here’s some of our wonderful moments we had on the ro-ad.

Our first stop was in Olympia, WA at a little food truck village. We were hungry. And Arépa provided us with some nice Venezuelan cuisine as well as a super neato star wars mural on the wall.


The aforementioned beef jerky. Sick.IMG_4016

One of our best stops was in this super magical forest with wonderfully splendid trees. We unfortunately didn’t take the nice camera with us on our hike, but fortunately the iPhone takes pretty grand photos. Wow, I loved our journey through the forest. IMG_4097

Chris’s face means he doesn’t want to smile for pictures anymore and wants to keep walking. IMG_4004

We saw lots of beauty all over and would just make perfect little random stops. IMG_8921IMG_3910IMG_8933IMG_8937

Cape Disappointment was a great stop. It was beautiful and it was fun seeing another lighthouse. It’s nice to read plaques and info cards at the places we go, but that doesn’t always happen. When we were here, there was a nice lady just seated on the ground, looking up at the lighthouse and doing some sketches. What a good time.IMG_8966 IMG_8986 IMG_8980

After we crossed the Colombia River from WA to OR, we hit Astoria! That meant we booked it to THIS GOONIES HOUSE and also the elementary school from kindergarten cop, what a classic.IMG_9009

And then came Seaside, Oregon for a little sunset and dinner. We couldn’t find a place open that we wanted to eat, so we had gelato to dinner. What a delight!IMG_4060IMG_9026

Lower 48


3 March 2015

IMG_4360 IMG_4393 IMG_4423 IMG_4451 IMG_4440


We just got back from ten superb days in the Pacific Northwest! It was most excellent. Very beautiful with lots of yummy food. It was a trip with some work and lots of play and my bestest friends! I loved cruising around with Carla and Chris. Oh it was the best. More pictures to come soon, but these get the message across for now. I LOVE THESE KIDS and ice cream!

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My first trip to Wyoming

3 February 2015

Another note: scroll through this little gallery of photos. 

This adventure happened in May 2014. After I graduated last April, we stopped in California for a week to visit my sister and fam and grandparents and fam, then we spent time in Utah with Chris’s side of the family, and then we drove to Colorado to visit Chris’s sister, sister in law, and their precious little girl. I’d never met them before, nor had I ever gone on that drive from UT-CO and I really loved it all. Sometimes I forget about a lot of that trip though because we don’t have too many pictures of it. But I did come across these fotos and I was reminded of some of the wonderful goodness that occurred!

We were in Colorado for a few days, and it was so nice getting to know our family better, and to have sweet little baby Lucie around. She is so very loved. We went to the zoo, saw cool animals, ate yummy food, and I recall watching plenty of Shark Tank. :) I really enjoy staying with people and having people stay with us. It just so nice to get all that time together.

On our drive back to Utah, we took a different route and went though Wyoming. It was soooo windy. And then there was like a blizzard in Casper, WY. Funny and random and coooolio. The highlight of that journey was Martin’s Cove. The Gourleys, our Mormon pioneer ancestors through Chris’s mom, passed through Martin’s Cove. And actually, that statue/sculpture of the family pulling the handcart, is of the Gourleys! I want to learn more about our genealogy. The stories are inspiring and the people are real. Anyway, Chris went to Martin’s Cove and did parts of the same path as the pioneers when he went on his stake youth trek. I’m so so glad we got to go there, check out the visitors center, and gain appreciation for the pioneers and for the wondrous perfect gospel.

Also… we stopped at Independence Rock. Cool! Reminded me of my Oregon Trail days on the old apple computer. :)


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Forever Love

23 December 2014

IMG_6757 IMG_6779IMG_6782IMG_6797IMG_6801

We were sealed at the Manti temple and it was so magical and really really special. I feel so blessed and happy and grateful and I’m so glad Chris and I got to share this day with so many people we love. And I’m glad I got to wear my wedding dress again, because I love it. I’m grateful for the gospel and that Chris and I get to be bffs and lovers forever!

Hawai'i, Lower 48

General Conference weekend

2 May 2013

I’m in Utah at cousin Shara’s house right now.
And I’m doing some blog catch up.

Lately I’ve been going through waves of blogging.
If you’d like, you may look, read, comment, anything…
I would like for you to smile however.
But blogging for me is a great way for me to keep in touch with myself. To remember where I’ve been and what I’ve done and how I’ve felt and to remember the people. I don’t want to forget the peoples.

In Hawaii, to watch General Conference live, you start at 6 am.
What a better way to do that then to get together with people you love and have a pajama party in the living room at the wee hours of the morning.

To make it extra interesting, we had a grand crepe feast in between sessions. Both days. Saturday and Sunday. So great and happy and yum.

Then on sunday afternoon a few of us had a salmon and veggie feast! I love salmons!
And I love foods. It’s a great way to bring people together. Magical.

Btw, General Conference was excellent to say the least. It’s so refreshing hearing the familiar voices and counsels of our prophets and leaders.
Lower 48

Alma 17:13

21 November 2012

And it came to pass when they had arrived in the borders of the land of the Lamanites, that they separated themselves and departed one from another, trusting in the Lord that they should meet again at the close of their harvest; for they supposed that great was the work which they had undertaken. (Book of Mormon, Alma, Chapter 17)

E aconteceu que, tendo chegado às fronteiras da terra dos lamanitas, separaram-se, confiando no Senhor que voltariam a reunir-se no fim de sua colheita; porque acreditavam que grande era a obra que haviam empreendido.

Y sucedió que cuando hubieron llegado a las fronteras de la tierra de los lamanitas, se separaron unos de otros, confiando en el Señor en que se volverían a reunir al fin de su cosecha; porque creían que la obra que habían emprendido era grande.

Both of my favorite twins are home!
And I’m here in AZ with them.

Lower 48


6 November 2012

This month is so very lovely because so many good souls are focusing on and sharing what they are thankful for.

Back in November 2009, I did a blog post everyday on what I was thankful for at the time. Now, many people are sharing their thoughts via Instagram and Facebook, me included, but I thought I’d come back to my blessed blog to talk about gratitude.

First of all, I don’t know what happened to me and why I became such a blogging bum. I guess a lot of it started with the illness and near death of my computer, Lucy. She’s still not well. I’ll need to buy a new one soon. And when I joined in the iPhone revolution, I also felt less need and desire to blog. Weird.

I like being able to look back and see all my thoughts and moments captured. Good times here with happychelsea.

Anyway… gratitude. Gratidão.
I’m happy when I’m grateful.
I’m grateful when I’m happy.

“”to live with gratitude ever in our hearts is to touch heaven.””
-President Thomas S. Monson

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Solimar Beach

29 October 2012

I loooove family beach day. :)
We tried surfing and it was so fun and funny. I love the ocean. And I love Stacy and Scott and my time here in California.

Water makes your whole body happy.

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Apple picking extravaganza!

21 October 2012
Twas a magical experience.This is the freshest apple I have ever eaten.
I picked it off the tree, and put it in my mouthie.
A perfect sweet and crispy crunch.


There were so many apples and these coolio birdies.
We went up to the California mountains for these apples and it was a lovely time with lovely peeps.


Grandad and I picking apples early in the morn. :)