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November 27th

27 November 2014

THANKSGIVING! Complete with hand crafted fruit turkey.IMG_0565I am grateful Chris was feeling good enough today to go for a drive and eat some food! I am grateful for the abundance we have in our lives and the delicious feast we were able to partake of with some wonderful friends and family, including Chris’s good friend Richard, the Joneses, Bowdens, elders, and my lovely mother.  And omg, Carolee’s coconut cream pie… so good. As well as my mashed potatoes and Richard’s corn and Shona’s stuffing and Carolee’s rolls and the Jones’ salad. Yum, makes me want some right meow.IMG_0572 IMG_0568 IMG_0567I am really grateful for the seasons, and that it’s chilly out, and for the beautiful walks we Palmers go on.  IMG_0541 IMG_0544IMG_0552IMG_0553IMG_0556


November 24th

24 November 2014

IMG_0400IMG_0412IMG_0418IMG_0422My walk this morning was extra lovely. I’m thankful that our loving creators made this beautiful world for us, full of diversity.

Holly and I helped Mom move today, and that was very nice too. It is very good to serve.

I’m grateful for this sight I saw today!!!! A guy cruising around with a cat on his shoulders!!

FullSizeRenderIMG_0431IMG_0438I’m grateful for our food. We had pita pizzas tonight before going to watch Interstellar. They were pretty grand. The movie was good too. Kinda cuckoo to wrap your mind around all the three hours of black holes and time warps, but twas good indeed.

We got a glow in the dark chuck it ball for Edel. It is so funny playing with it with her in the dark! First this glowing ball soars off into the distance, and then Edel books it, puts it in her mouth, and the glowing orb comes bouncing along back at us. So funny.

As always, I love the end of the day, praying and talking with my honey husband.


November 22nd

22 November 2014

It is lovely to live so close to the beach! We need to go more. It’s just a walk away! I’m grateful we went to the beach this morning, and that there was a really nice lady who took a picture of Chris and Edel and I!

I’m grateful for Homer’s delicious food. Maura’s, the Bagel Shop, Finn’s Pizza, Fat Olives… Chris and I love the Bagel Shop. I do desire more yummy food around here though. This summer Chris and I ate out a lot (lots of good pizza), but now that I’m not cleaning boats at night, evenings are free for cooking and making delicious food of our own!

I’m grateful for savemore’s Christmas festivity too. Yahoo wamu.



November 21st

21 November 2014

Happy 11 month anniversary. <3

Today has been a good day. I loved being a Chapman school. Loved it and I’m so grateful for that. The past two days I’ve overheard some funny quotes.

IMG_0361I’m grateful for our car, that has no car payment (because I think that’s silly). It faithfully gets us from here to there. And it’s nice and comfy and a perfect size and the gas mileage is decent. We don’t really call our car by name, but at the beginning I thought maybe we could call her Blanca, but it hasn’t stuck, in case you were wondering.

I’m grateful for the Boxcar Children Movie and blog time in front of the heater. :):) I like cartoons. Apparently Edel likes them too. IMG_0373I’m grateful the we live so close to family.

Grateful for the yummy dinner we had a fat olives with Mama tonight. I haven’t been there in forever. Good eats, and I’m so glad Mom was there with us. And we even saw my brother in law and nieces and their friend there too. Funny.

I’m grateful for warm showers, and a world full of people. IMG_0370


November 17th

17 November 2014

Monday. FHE – noite familiar.

Everyday, I feel so grateful for our home. I love it. Chris bought it shortly after we met two and a half years ago. What a good choice he made for a first home! I love it so. I love that it’s ours (I mean the mortgage company’s, and a small part of it is ours – I’d choose the wall in the kitchen and the natural wood doors and trim, and the black door knobs, and the two huge windows in the living room).

I’m grateful our house is nice and clean (right meow) and that we have a washer!

I’m grateful for this family nap moment that I saw at my sista’s house. IMG_0240Here’s a picture of Chris’s yellow breakfast. Grateful for our foods. Thank you farmers and so many other people along the way that help bring food into my home!!IMG_0165I’m grateful that instead of saying “no”, I said “yes” and did a puzzle with little Natalie girl!IMG_0239I’m grateful for a foot rub from my honey boy. I’m grateful for clean sheets. I’m grateful for our kitchen table and chairs, and our other furniture too. I love our home.

I’m grateful that my dad is funny. IMG_0179Today, I am most grateful for Empty Nesters FHE. Chris and I hosted it at the Palmer Palace tonight and the empty nesters in the ward and the missionaries came over. It was great! Yummy sourdough waffles, and a super good veggie quiche with basil in it. I’m really picky with eggs, but these were goooood. And I’m grateful for that. I want to like eggs. :)

It was soooooooo good getting to know everyone better. I love the conversation space in our home. It is so good to sit around and talk.


November 15th

15 November 2014

Saturday is a special day; it’s the day we get ready for sunday.

I’m grateful for the lovely Aurora Borealis we saw last night.

I’m grateful that I love making food. It is such a good way to create. We’ve got some nice chicken eggs right now and Chris has been quite into omelets lately, and I like making omelets for him. I’m grateful for that. And oh! I am grateful when the eggz do not get stuck to the pan. Cleaning eggs of the pan is not one of my favorite things to do.IMG_0133Speaking of food, I finished off my hagendaz dark chocolate chip gelato this morning that Chris so lovingly got for me. :) And I ate a bunch of parmesan cheese. I’ve been into yummy (kinda stinky) cheeses lately. Here’s a lovely picture I took for my sister of myself eating parmesan.IMG_0131Okay, bikes, they’re super cool. In Hawaii, I had the two greatest bikes ever – Lola and Charlotte. I got a used cruiser bike here, unnamed and not custom painted yet, but she’s a gem. I’m grateful that I can only think of good times had on bikes. Biking is usually always a good time.IMG_0138I’m grateful for leggings. Goodness yes I am. Especially my snow leopard leggings.

I’m grateful for birthdays. Today is my step niece Lauren’s birthday, and also my dear ol’ friend Katie’s birthday. It’s nice that everyone has a special day.

It’s stake conference weekend. I’m grateful for a husband who wants to grow and improve, and who goes to the priesthood meetings. I’m thankful for the counsel we’ve received and for the small positive changes that happen in my life as I embrace that loving counsel. Small and simple things.

P.S. Our dinner was really yummy. Delicious grilled veggies and our favorite salmons.

P.P.S. my iPhone photos have been uploading weirdly, and vertical pictures go horizontal, so I rotate them, and then they load really funny on my phone. Anyway… yummy food and a day with ups and downs! :) Glad that my days usually always end on a high note. IMG_0141


November 11th

11 November 2014

11/11 – super wish day!

I am grateful for ponder time to think about what I most desire.


Joy is always at the top of my desire list. When I make wishes, happiness is always included in the list, and it’s something I’m quite often blessed with. I’m really grateful for that, and that the Lord is happy to grant us our righteous desires. He knows what is best for us and he knows what and who we need, and when we need them.

I’m really grateful for my parents. I think they are the bee’s knees and I feel lucky to have them both. Lately we’ve been working in this semi hoarder house that my dad just bought, cleaning it out and selling stuff and such, and it’s nice to do some good work with both my mama and papa.

Here’s a picture of a cool moon boot. Who doesn’t love that?


I’m grateful for Christopher, obviously. :) I’m just so so happy and glad to have him as my companion. I don’t ever want to be without him. He gives me so much purpose and motivation and happiness.

IMG_9838 IMG_9840

I’m grateful for washing machines! What a dream washers and dryers are! Our washer has been broken for quite some time, but we took a nice, dark, rainy drive and got us a new used one. Lovely.

I’m grateful for spaghetti squash. Yum. Made a recipe similar to this one tonight. Yum. I’ve recently acquired a liking to fancy cheeses btw.

I’m grateful for DOWNTON ABBEY OMG I LOVE IT. We (including the pooch) really enjoyed watching it tonight. Oh I love them all.



November 7th

7 November 2014

I’m grateful that Chris got me out for a walk, and I’m grateful to see changes in the world everyday. It’s neato to watch the seasons change.

I’m thankful my dad can be really hilarious. What a gem.

I’m grateful for recipes and food inspiration that I get online. Like I just google the ingredients I have, or something I want to make, and magic happens! Magic also happens when Sister Stacy sent me this recipe of yummy butternut squash soup with roasted chickpeas.

So so grateful that I get to sleep next to my sweet every night. I’m so happy he’s such a good cuddler. So thankful to be his wife.

IMG_9744 IMG_9759 IMG_9752