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Uuvm kI miss Chris. I’m Zzzzzxxxxxxxxxxx and 

27 April 2015

*disclaimer: I wrote this post as I was falling in and out of sleep. I was going to rewrite it, but I think I like it in its semi sleepy form.

Chris is gone for two weeks. So here’s our last 2 months of selfies!. I’m usually the one that wants to take a selfie. I just like the (sometimes mediocre) picture so I can create and preserve memories.

Also, I’m in bed with intentions of reading and writing, and I keep falling asleep. That’s why this post has a funny title, because I fell asleepy. :)

These selfies start when Chris flew to Duluth, MN to meet with cirrus aircraft. Lots and lots has happened since then! I’m feel really blessed. And we are happy campers.

Also, Bel gave birth to a precious little girl kitten! More on that later. It’s been my focal point the past week. :)


Alaska, Favorites

Adventure isn’t far

21 January 2015

Chris and I wanted to go on a little outing. We packed our puppy, camera, sleeping bags, warm clothes, a couple books, PBJ supplies, an excessive amount of fruit snacks, and got on the ro-ad. We headed north and after a couple short hours we arrived at our destination, Hidden Lake. We had no reception, and Chris intentionally left his phone behind, and it got dark. So we ate and then took a nap, at like 7 pm. I tried to keep Chris from sleeping by coercing him to play alphabet car games with me. We did the ABCs of countries, US cities, maybe animals, and at some point Chris was ready to sleep. We just laid our sleeping pads (I mean sleeping pad, since we forgot one) and cuddled in the back of the car with da pooch Edelweiss.

At like 10 pm or so, we were done napping, so we got some granola bars and headed out for an icy walk under the starry skies. Edel was read for adventure and we fortunately have a great glow in the dark ball for her that we launch and chuck and throw and project, and she still has energy to fetch the ball ten hundred more times. Our walk was so nice. So lovely to disconnect and feel the world around you.

After an aokay night’s rest in the car, letting Edel out many times in the middle of the night to prance around, we got up to b-e-a-utiful surroundings. Here in Homer, the weather has been oddly warm and lacking snow. So it was so nice seeing some white around and to have a chance to wear my snowsuit! Awesome.

We went on one of the greatest hikes ever, with nature delighting us with so many wonders, and my cozy snowsuit eventually got waaaaay too warm. So I did the old snowsuit trick of unzipping and letting the top half of my suit dangle behind me. Chris and I took pictures all along the way and it was absolutely splendid.

Cooper Landing called us next, and we saw a bit more snow there, which was exciting. There were definitely some winter wonderland moments. One of our stops was Widman’s, where I got some hot cocoa and burned my tongue, and Chris got his cream soda. Edel had some water, and she was happy with that. She’s pretty much usually always happy.

This little trip made Chris and I happy too. There’s a lot of wonderful wonderment around us, sometimes it pops up right in front of you, and sometimes you have to just look for it.

Here’s a whole bunch of lovely photos.

IMG_7973IMG_7976 IMG_7987 IMG_7992 IMG_8007 IMG_8009 IMG_8026 IMG_8027 IMG_8030 IMG_8047 IMG_8086 IMG_8054 IMG_8060 IMG_8067 IMG_8072 IMG_8077 IMG_8081  IMG_8092 IMG_8096 IMG_8103 IMG_8107 IMG_8110 IMG_8123 IMG_8126 IMG_8130 IMG_8131 IMG_8150 IMG_8152 IMG_8158 IMG_8161 IMG_8165 IMG_8166 IMG_8169 IMG_8196 IMG_8204

Lower 48

Forever Love

23 December 2014

IMG_6757 IMG_6779IMG_6782IMG_6797IMG_6801

We were sealed at the Manti temple and it was so magical and really really special. I feel so blessed and happy and grateful and I’m so glad Chris and I got to share this day with so many people we love. And I’m glad I got to wear my wedding dress again, because I love it. I’m grateful for the gospel and that Chris and I get to be bffs and lovers forever!


November 30th

30 November 2014


Tis the last of my daily gratitude posts.

I’m grateful for this great blog journal and blessing to record and remember and share my thoughts and experiences.

Today at church I was sustained as the new Young Women president for our ward. How exciting and happy. :) I’ve been serving in YW since I got home in May, and it’s so great to have a purpose of helping the girls. This is going to be great.

Chris and I also had tithing settlement with our bishop and talked about our temple recommends so we can be sealed in December. I am grateful for tithing and for the blessing to give fast offerings. Giving is great. I’m grateful for our bishop’s words and guidance and the inspiration of the spirit. Oh! And I’m grateful we were on time to church today. We’ve been doing good yay.

This evening, Chris’s friend Richard came over. I’m grateful to have him in our lives. I went over to my mama’s house and helped her move stuff. I’m so glad she lives so close, and my dad and sister too. It’s so nice to have family around. I stopped at my sister’s too and that’s always pretty good. She always has snacks for me to eat hehe.

When I got home, the elders called and asked if I could go on a visit with them. I’m grateful I said yes because it was such a great and rejuvenating visit! Yes yes yes.

Here’s one of my only pictures from the day. Chris took it as I was sleeping, apparently with the cat on my head. haha. IMG_0641

I am grateful for my life and for who and how I am. I always have more progressing I want to do in many areas, but I feel like I’m on a great path in many aspects of my life. And I’m grateful for the people and forces who have helped me on my journey thus far. I’m grateful for my testimony and that I know God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit love me and want me to have joy. I’m grateful for the promptings and guidance I receive to help bring me that joy and allow me to share it with others. So grateful to have the family I do. They’re the best for me.


November 28th

28 November 2014

I’m grateful for warm showers, and when the bathroom isn’t very freezing when I get out of the shower.

I’m grateful for the great trail by our house and the Christmas tree hunting I’ve been doing.

And I’m grateful for our delightful evening. Tonight Chris and I have had some great Christmas celebrations with Christmas movies and paper snowflakes and pumpkin pie and thanksgiving leftovers. Really really good and simple memories.IMG_0579IMG_0584 IMG_0585


November 25th

25 November 2014

FUNNY picture of BelIMG_0464

Scary day today. Chris woke up with like a vertigo attack (probably not just because we watched Interstellar last night ;)) and he just kept throwing up and feeling horrible and weak and his eyes were going kooky. He was diagnosed with MS when he was 17 but today was his first ever episode.

I am grateful for good health and for healing. I am grateful for a great physical body that moves wonderfully and feels good. I am grateful for helpful people with such genuine concern. I’m grateful for priesthood blessings, because they always make things so much better and hopeful.

I’m grateful that we can make good decisions, and that we can communicate with good people who offer guidance and love. Aside from our families, Chris and I feel very thankful for our friends Glen and Shona today because they really went out of their way to offer us any sort of help they thought we might need.

On a lighter note, I’m grateful for our neato blankets, and that we have a good couch for laying on, and for falling asleep to movies on (Cool Runnings today, such a classic).

I’m especially grateful to have my Christ honey lover sweet mancub and for the blessing it is to serve each other. Chris has a wonderful family and I do too, and that is very nice indeed. I’m so very really grateful we are together. And I’m grateful for bedtime and the recap at the end of everyday and that Chris is feeling slightly better.



November 21st

21 November 2014

Happy 11 month anniversary. <3

Today has been a good day. I loved being a Chapman school. Loved it and I’m so grateful for that. The past two days I’ve overheard some funny quotes.

IMG_0361I’m grateful for our car, that has no car payment (because I think that’s silly). It faithfully gets us from here to there. And it’s nice and comfy and a perfect size and the gas mileage is decent. We don’t really call our car by name, but at the beginning I thought maybe we could call her Blanca, but it hasn’t stuck, in case you were wondering.

I’m grateful for the Boxcar Children Movie and blog time in front of the heater. :):) I like cartoons. Apparently Edel likes them too. IMG_0373I’m grateful the we live so close to family.

Grateful for the yummy dinner we had a fat olives with Mama tonight. I haven’t been there in forever. Good eats, and I’m so glad Mom was there with us. And we even saw my brother in law and nieces and their friend there too. Funny.

I’m grateful for warm showers, and a world full of people. IMG_0370


November 20th

20 November 2014

Thankful Thursday and today I am most grateful that Chris made me go to volleyball! Note to smelf: I love playing volleyball. GO PLAY.

Today I subbed as a librarian/intervention teacher at Chapman School. LOVED IT. It was really good and I’m so glad I said yes to the job. It’s like a twenty minute drive to Anchor Point. I went to Chapman for kindergarten, first, and second, and it was great being out there and with the kids and staff. What a great school.

I’m grateful for my school days. What great experiences. In elementary I was in quest with Mrs. Ladd, and I did lots of library stuff with her. I loved my time with her. Anyway, my library days came in handy today as I labeled a bunch of books and organized the library. It was a really good and valuable school day for me. So grateful for how it’s working out. Say yes.

IMG_0336I’m grateful I followed the spirit and went to the sign language class at the church. Good to learn and good fellowshipping and a good time with beloved people. I felt like I should go, and after trying to talk myself out of it, I just went. And it was good.

Our kitty Bel pooped on the living room floor. LAME. I was playing piano and smelled poo, and then I saw it. My honey husband came and cleaned it right up like a champ. And that motivated me to clean the kitchen and unload the dishwasher after three days. :) I love our life, kitty poop and all, and I’m grateful for the life Heavenly Father has blessed us with.


November 18th

18 November 2014

Today was a hard day. Lots of crying.

As much as I like free play time, it’s really good and really important to work. The past month I haven’t really been working. Somedays I go a little cuckoo and don’t know what to do with myself and the time I’m given. At other times I really really enjoy the time I have to make quality food, play piano, blog, go on walks, make smoothies, keep the house clean, make our home more lovely. I’ve been able to do some lovely things and I’m grateful for that freedom.

I’m substitute teaching now and I still have freedom, but I also have the blessing to do quality work and to make some monies. I’m reeeeal grateful for that. It’s working out well.

Anyway, today I was struggling with useless thoughts of purposelessness and purposeless thoughts of usefulness. It was hard. But our loyal furry creatures and my lovely caring husband and family made me feel much better. I’m so grateful for these souls.

FOTOS. At the end of my day, I decided to go read with the girls, since they are full of light and love that rubs on me. :) I took the Little Prince to read with them. Katy fell asleep, and so Natalie and I just kept reading and talking on the top bunk. It was so good and happy. We talked about baobabs and all sorts of other things. Also, pictures of my precious nephew that come to my phone throughout the day make me happy and grateful. I love my family peeps.



November 16th

16 November 2014

Shabbat Shalom.

Okay, Christopher Robin is very very helpful with mostly anything technological. It’s super nice and useful he’s so handy that way to everyone. At church, it was Chris’s job to set up for the stake conference broadcast (we watch broadcasted since we live an hour and half from the stake center). Well we were going to leave our house at 9:30 to allow enough time for set up and stuff. Well… we woke up at 9:33. Eek! the Cat!

It was so funny, and we were up and out the door in like ten minutes (miracle) and everything got all set up in time! With a couple minutes to spare even. Wowie. I’m grateful for that little miracle. And I’m grateful for the many days that I don’t need an alarm clock.

I’m so grateful for PIANO and that I’ve been playing a lot more. I love it soooo much. So grateful that I’ve been blessed with that gift.

I’m so grateful to have my parents and oldest sister and her family around. Here’s a mediocre picture of great people doing normal things — Holly highlighting her own hair, Natalie drinking, or pretending to drink, pickle juice, Katy eating sweet potato pudding, and Mama listening to her.IMG_0155The girls and I played outside for a while today and it was so nice and fun. Katy and Natalie put their swimsuits on to jump into their little pond. They put their feet in it. And they enjoyed being in their swimsuits, as well as using their new umbrellas from Grammy. We worked on building a fort too and it reminded me so much of when I was a kid. We had so many forts. I loved it. And the air tonight was so clean and cool and refreshing. I love being an aunty.IMG_0151Chris and I have been watching a movie like every night. Usually I whip out a couple of snowflakes while we’re doing that. I do love all my paper snowflakes! :) Grateful for them. IMG_0164


November 15th

15 November 2014

Saturday is a special day; it’s the day we get ready for sunday.

I’m grateful for the lovely Aurora Borealis we saw last night.

I’m grateful that I love making food. It is such a good way to create. We’ve got some nice chicken eggs right now and Chris has been quite into omelets lately, and I like making omelets for him. I’m grateful for that. And oh! I am grateful when the eggz do not get stuck to the pan. Cleaning eggs of the pan is not one of my favorite things to do.IMG_0133Speaking of food, I finished off my hagendaz dark chocolate chip gelato this morning that Chris so lovingly got for me. :) And I ate a bunch of parmesan cheese. I’ve been into yummy (kinda stinky) cheeses lately. Here’s a lovely picture I took for my sister of myself eating parmesan.IMG_0131Okay, bikes, they’re super cool. In Hawaii, I had the two greatest bikes ever – Lola and Charlotte. I got a used cruiser bike here, unnamed and not custom painted yet, but she’s a gem. I’m grateful that I can only think of good times had on bikes. Biking is usually always a good time.IMG_0138I’m grateful for leggings. Goodness yes I am. Especially my snow leopard leggings.

I’m grateful for birthdays. Today is my step niece Lauren’s birthday, and also my dear ol’ friend Katie’s birthday. It’s nice that everyone has a special day.

It’s stake conference weekend. I’m grateful for a husband who wants to grow and improve, and who goes to the priesthood meetings. I’m thankful for the counsel we’ve received and for the small positive changes that happen in my life as I embrace that loving counsel. Small and simple things.

P.S. Our dinner was really yummy. Delicious grilled veggies and our favorite salmons.

P.P.S. my iPhone photos have been uploading weirdly, and vertical pictures go horizontal, so I rotate them, and then they load really funny on my phone. Anyway… yummy food and a day with ups and downs! :) Glad that my days usually always end on a high note. IMG_0141


November 7th

7 November 2014

I’m grateful that Chris got me out for a walk, and I’m grateful to see changes in the world everyday. It’s neato to watch the seasons change.

I’m thankful my dad can be really hilarious. What a gem.

I’m grateful for recipes and food inspiration that I get online. Like I just google the ingredients I have, or something I want to make, and magic happens! Magic also happens when Sister Stacy sent me this recipe of yummy butternut squash soup with roasted chickpeas.

So so grateful that I get to sleep next to my sweet every night. I’m so happy he’s such a good cuddler. So thankful to be his wife.

IMG_9744 IMG_9759 IMG_9752


november 5th

5 November 2014


I hope my gratitude posts don’t become shallow and redundant. I really am grateful for my life, how it is, and who I am. I’m grateful for the things that refresh my perspective on my life, myself, and on others.

I’m grateful when Chris leaves my toothbrush ready for me to brush away! It makes it much more desirable to brush my teeth. :)IMG_9694

I’m grateful that I get to make tasty healthy food for me and Christopher. I’m grateful for his kisses. And when we look at the sky together. I like looking at the moon. And the stars. And the sun. JK, I’d recommend not looking directly at the sun.

I’m grateful for how I feel happy and rejuvenated after a good mutual activity at church with the young women. Sometimes I do not have the best attitude before I get to the church, but I usually leave feeling much lighter. I’m grateful for that. It was especially lovely to have both of my nieces at the church tonight too, for activity day and for hangout with Chelsea time. :)

Tonight I wasn’t really wanting to go to mutual, since we were watching Downton Abbey and eating salmons and potatoes and I was wearing sweats with lace pockets, but it really turned out lovely and made me happy.IMG_9720


November 4th

4 November 2014


Tuesday and Thursday evenings I play volleyball for a couple hours with various wonderful community members. I am so grateful for it. I love playing volleyball and I’m grateful for the exercise and for a well functioning healthy body and grateful that I know the community volleyballs schedule!

Also I’m grateful for the right I have to vote! Thank you to so many who have contributed to providing me with the freedoms that I have. So grateful to be an American and an Alaskan. :)

I hung out with my mama today and it was lovely. I love her so much and I love who she is and how she influences me. Today at her house I saw these two cool old pictures of my grandma with her in-laws and of my grandpa’s mother, Ethel. Really neato. Grateful for pictures. Forever grateful for pictures. They preserve and share so much.IMG_9675 FullSizeRender-1

Also, I found this old can of beanz today in this house we’ve been cleaning out. Cool. Vintage beans. :)IMG_9670

On my way home, I stopped at my sista’s house, and my niece Natalie was drawing the beautiful beautiful pink sunset. I am so grateful for Natalie and how she brings out the best in me.

IMG_9682 IMG_9684

And when I came home, my darling husband had dinner waiting for me! Perfect burritos. I’m so grateful for our food times at the table and I’m so grateful Christopher is my dear companheiro. <3<3<3


November 3rd

3 November 2014


Chris and I stayed up till just after midnight, but I was sleepy and sometimes I’m narcoleptic, and I fell lying in front of the heater in my fabulous pink tights (that I bought from Claire’s on a high school volleyball trip like ten years ago). Well miss Edel Cradle came and laid right by me and it was sweet and I love her and she’s a really good cuddler. I’m grateful that I love Edelweiss.

Morning came and we took the pooch out for her usual walk and ball tossing escapade. Since it’s snowy, the kitty no longer joins on our jaunts. I’m grateful for the trails next to our house and for the great chuck it balls and ball launcher, because it all keeps our doggy quite happy, and Chris and I enjoy it too. I love the morning walks, even if some mornings I lay in bed on my phone, until I’m too hungry or have to pee so bad that I finally get out of bed. True story.


I’m really grateful the my sister Holly and her family live just five minutes away from us. It is so nice. I love being in their home, playing with my nieces, watching the chickens, talking with them, playing games, eating… it’s great. I’m grateful they have a great washer and dryer that we’ve been using sometimes lately; our washer is broken which is lame. But it’s nice that Sister lets us use hers!


I’m grateful for cool treasures and for opportunities to serve others. Serving helps me and it makes me feel mo better.


And I’m so so grateful for our ward’s “empty nester’s FHE!” That’s Family Home Evening, where you get together with family type people on a monday night and enjoy lovely things and learn something together. Chris and I went to our friends’ home and ate together with other friends, and then heard a nice message and had a good discussion. Oh there’s so many people I love so much and I’m grateful to be loved by them.

I’m grateful that our kitty Bel likes Jesus.


PS. Chris had a mustache for 24 hours. And I’m grateful for the laughs that came from it, and that he doesn’t have a mustache anymore. :) I love my honey boy husband mancub Christoph.