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Lower 48

Tacoma, WA to Cannon Beach, OR – February 24th

30 March 2015

Road trippin’ with Chris is great (except for the beef jerky that smells like poo; it should not be allowed in cars/airplanes/confined spaces). Last month we spent 10 days in the Pacific Northwest and drove around a lot. We ate some fantastic food and spent quality time with good people. Here’s some of our wonderful moments we had on the ro-ad.

Our first stop was in Olympia, WA at a little food truck village. We were hungry. And Arépa provided us with some nice Venezuelan cuisine as well as a super neato star wars mural on the wall.


The aforementioned beef jerky. Sick.IMG_4016

One of our best stops was in this super magical forest with wonderfully splendid trees. We unfortunately didn’t take the nice camera with us on our hike, but fortunately the iPhone takes pretty grand photos. Wow, I loved our journey through the forest. IMG_4097

Chris’s face means he doesn’t want to smile for pictures anymore and wants to keep walking. IMG_4004

We saw lots of beauty all over and would just make perfect little random stops. IMG_8921IMG_3910IMG_8933IMG_8937

Cape Disappointment was a great stop. It was beautiful and it was fun seeing another lighthouse. It’s nice to read plaques and info cards at the places we go, but that doesn’t always happen. When we were here, there was a nice lady just seated on the ground, looking up at the lighthouse and doing some sketches. What a good time.IMG_8966 IMG_8986 IMG_8980

After we crossed the Colombia River from WA to OR, we hit Astoria! That meant we booked it to THIS GOONIES HOUSE and also the elementary school from kindergarten cop, what a classic.IMG_9009

And then came Seaside, Oregon for a little sunset and dinner. We couldn’t find a place open that we wanted to eat, so we had gelato to dinner. What a delight!IMG_4060IMG_9026

Alaska, Hawai'i

Under the Sea

13 March 2015

I shall always miss looking out my window and seeing the enticing blue sea, putting my suit on, walking out my door, across the grass, touching the sand and getting sand all over my feet (and body), and plunging into the Pacific Ocean.

For a few of my years at BYU-Hawaii, I lived in rundown beach front houses. It was a dream (except the cockroaches… sick). I’m so glad Chris and I could share six months of that magic together. Goodness, it was so so good and happy and healthy. I’m so grateful for that island and it’s wonderment.

Btw these pictures were taken with a canon 5d markII and an underwater bag, before we got the GoPro. The GoPro really takes superb underwater and everything pictures and video!

PS I’m really happy here in Homer right now. Though I do miss being tan, I’m trying to embrace my paleness. And I’ll always miss Hawaii, and Jerusalem, and especially my mission in Brazil, but I’m really happy to be HOME right now. I love Alaska and being Alaskan. :)

IMG_9442 IMG_9457 IMG_0384 IMG_0485 IMG_0467 IMG_0435   IMG_9404 IMG_0321


It’s true.

27 December 2014

There’s no place like home.IMG_1461 IMG_1673What a most beautiful sky that welcomed us.




November 22nd

22 November 2014

It is lovely to live so close to the beach! We need to go more. It’s just a walk away! I’m grateful we went to the beach this morning, and that there was a really nice lady who took a picture of Chris and Edel and I!

I’m grateful for Homer’s delicious food. Maura’s, the Bagel Shop, Finn’s Pizza, Fat Olives… Chris and I love the Bagel Shop. I do desire more yummy food around here though. This summer Chris and I ate out a lot (lots of good pizza), but now that I’m not cleaning boats at night, evenings are free for cooking and making delicious food of our own!

I’m grateful for savemore’s Christmas festivity too. Yahoo wamu.