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Kindergarten Teacher

27 February 2015

IMG_3515I had the joyous privilege of substitute teaching in my niece’s kindergarten class for a week. It was so very very wonderful and made me really happy. Those kiddos are just so sweet and cute. There were times when I got a bit bothered with some, but I just love each of them! They gave me lots of hugs and we had a jolly time together. It was such a good good week.

IMG_3634IMG_3689And one of the best parts about being at Paul Banks Elementary, was that both of my nieces are there. So I’d get to seem them at recess and in the hall, and of course Katy was in my class the whole time. And after school they’d hang out in the classroom with me and help me clean things up (and they’d play on the smart board, which they loved). I love those darling nieces of mine, and the kindergarteners, and substitute teaching.

Here’s a picture of me and Edel Cradle sleeping on the floor after a lovely day of teaching and playing.



November 20th

20 November 2014

Thankful Thursday and today I am most grateful that Chris made me go to volleyball! Note to smelf: I love playing volleyball. GO PLAY.

Today I subbed as a librarian/intervention teacher at Chapman School. LOVED IT. It was really good and I’m so glad I said yes to the job. It’s like a twenty minute drive to Anchor Point. I went to Chapman for kindergarten, first, and second, and it was great being out there and with the kids and staff. What a great school.

I’m grateful for my school days. What great experiences. In elementary I was in quest with Mrs. Ladd, and I did lots of library stuff with her. I loved my time with her. Anyway, my library days came in handy today as I labeled a bunch of books and organized the library. It was a really good and valuable school day for me. So grateful for how it’s working out. Say yes.

IMG_0336I’m grateful I followed the spirit and went to the sign language class at the church. Good to learn and good fellowshipping and a good time with beloved people. I felt like I should go, and after trying to talk myself out of it, I just went. And it was good.

Our kitty Bel pooped on the living room floor. LAME. I was playing piano and smelled poo, and then I saw it. My honey husband came and cleaned it right up like a champ. And that motivated me to clean the kitchen and unload the dishwasher after three days. :) I love our life, kitty poop and all, and I’m grateful for the life Heavenly Father has blessed us with.


November 18th

18 November 2014

Today was a hard day. Lots of crying.

As much as I like free play time, it’s really good and really important to work. The past month I haven’t really been working. Somedays I go a little cuckoo and don’t know what to do with myself and the time I’m given. At other times I really really enjoy the time I have to make quality food, play piano, blog, go on walks, make smoothies, keep the house clean, make our home more lovely. I’ve been able to do some lovely things and I’m grateful for that freedom.

I’m substitute teaching now and I still have freedom, but I also have the blessing to do quality work and to make some monies. I’m reeeeal grateful for that. It’s working out well.

Anyway, today I was struggling with useless thoughts of purposelessness and purposeless thoughts of usefulness. It was hard. But our loyal furry creatures and my lovely caring husband and family made me feel much better. I’m so grateful for these souls.

FOTOS. At the end of my day, I decided to go read with the girls, since they are full of light and love that rubs on me. :) I took the Little Prince to read with them. Katy fell asleep, and so Natalie and I just kept reading and talking on the top bunk. It was so good and happy. We talked about baobabs and all sorts of other things. Also, pictures of my precious nephew that come to my phone throughout the day make me happy and grateful. I love my family peeps.



November 14th

14 November 2014

IMG_0095Aloha Friday.

I woke up nice and early, which is quite rare these days. At a dark 6 am, I got out of bed and laid in front of the heater. I’m so grateful for our heater so that I don’t have to freeze! Someday we’ll have a wood stove and that will be ever so lovely.

I’m grateful for beautiful mornings. And for a puppy who gets us going in the morning.IMG_0099

I’m grateful that I said YES to a phone call for substitute teaching at the school in the Russian village, Nikolaevsk! When I was little we lived right by the Russian village in a little cabin and we had so many great forts in the woods. Today was my first day of substitute teaching. It was great. Really great.

IMG_0111The school is so unique, with maybe like 70 kids K-12. There is focus on preserving the Russian culture and remembering the Old Believers. Not all the kids are Russian of course, but it was great because I felt like I was in a different place. It was all new and exciting and the kids were really great.

The half hour drive in the North Fork wilderness was beautiful and brought back lots of memories. So I’m really grateful for how all of that worked out. IMG_0118


I am especially grateful for the inspiration of the spirit, and that I followed the spirit and made a salad for the ward Thanksgiving dinner. :) I didn’t feel like using the salad spinner (because I don’t like it very much) and I didn’t feel like cutting up veggies (I was being a sloth), but I felt like I should so I did. And pretty much it was like the only green salad there, so I’m glad I could make a nice contribution. :) IMG_0126

I’m grateful for our wonderful Homer ward and the lovely Thanksgiving party. I’m grateful for the crayons and paper leaves so that we could write down things we were thankful for. I’m especially grateful for the moment when little Katy came over and said, “Can you help my write ‘my sister’?” Goodness those two nieces of mine are so precious and such good sisters.IMG_0124

I’m thankful for texting and picture messages so that my siblings and I can stay in touch. :) I’m grateful for my in-laws and that I love them and they love me. I feel wonderful being in Chris’s family.

I’m grateful for movie time with Christopher — we watched Gattaca (the first ever dvd my family owned when I was a kid) and folded all the laundry, which is great! Grateful for Chris, who got me some chocolate gelato, which made movie/laundry time even better.

AND I’m grateful that our friend told us “the lights are out” and we got to watch the Northern Lights for a couple hours on a dark chilly hill under a beautiful sky. (This picture is obviously not an iPhone picture, like the rest of my pictures these days. Also, with the slower shutter speed, the camera captured a lot more light than we could see with our lovely eyeballs and supervision. We couldn’t see any pink, only green. Nevertheless, twas really beautiful and lovely.) The sky was magical with the northern lights and starry starry night.