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Martin Schoeller

8 December 2015

I DID YOGA THIS MORNING and it was a wonderful way to start the day, getting my body and mind in tune. Last year I made a yoga resolution and I’m glad to report that 2015 had lots of yoga thoughts and even some yoga action! I started 2015 of strong doing 30 Days of Yoga (with Adriene) and I was so consistent. Toward the end of January I missed days here and there, and it ended up taking me about two months to finish my 30 days of videos. Since then, I do yoga every so often and think about it every day haha. It makes me feel good inside and out, so hopefully I can get over the lazy sloth bones I have and do yoga more frequently.

Christopher had a meeting at 7:30 this morning, and that’s what got us out of bed. Sometimes I make it hard to get out of bed and I’d prefer jumping out of bed and dancing around and giving thanks to God. Progress is a process though, and I like the quote I got in my email the other from LDS daily messages: “We do not have to be perfect, but we need to be good and getting better” -Kim B. Clark (Eyes to See and Ears to Hear).

We got ready for the day, I sang Christmas songs in the shower, actually it was just one line that I kept repeating: The mighty God, the everlasting God, the Prince of Peace! I often get one line stuck in my head and sing it over and over. My Holly girl sister stopped by and that’s always great. I love having people in our home. And I spent most of the day carpet cleaning yesterday so now our house smells less like animals hopefully. Speaking of animals, Edelweiss is licking my foot right now, and she wants me to throw her ball for her… Now she’s on our old orange chair chewing on the kitty.

After our walk with Edel this morning, I took Chris to his office and we saw a homeless looking man on the way. I’ve seen him around town before and I want to know more about him, and help him if he needs. There’s people all around us that need help, and I like helping people. When I came home I found myself browsing instagram in front of the heater, with Edel by my side.

I came across Martin Schoeller’s instagram account and read all of the conversations he had posted. He seems dedicated to helping homeless people in LA. The account shows photos of PEOPLE and parts of conversations he has with them. He asks people how they became homeless and how they get by. It was really interesting to read and helped me become more compassionate. Many of the people had had some level of drug involvement which contributed to their current situation. Some people had good attitudes, some didn’t, or maybe those people were just having a good or bad day – we all have ups and downs. It was interesting reading about people’s families too. Homelessness is something that I want to understand more about, and I wish people didn’t have to suffer so much. I bet it makes Heavenly Father sorrowful when he sees so many of his children suffering, sometimes from their own decisions, sometimes from others, and sometimes for other reasons. But I know Heavenly Father loves us all and wants every person to have joy. And I know he can use us to help others.