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20 January 2012


Feliz Natal!!

20 January 2012

FELIZ NATAL! Woo hoo! I love Quissamã! This area is excelente! And it is so good working with Sister Cunha. She is excellent and this will be a transfer full of miracles (and work work work)! And miracles need to happen here… :) On sunday there were only 29 peeps and the past year there has only been one week that they’ve had a baptism. But now… enter a gente… and many good things ahead! After all, everyone needs the gospel and the promised blessings of the Lord, so we are here to work along with the wonderful members to baptize, reactive, and complete families! 

We have members with us almost all day every day and they showing us lots of peeps we need to teach. I’m so happy to be here. And Quissamã is such a cute quaint little town. And woo hoo, I’m still in Rio!
Well, considering Christmas is coming, it is time to bust out the Christmas Santa Clause troll earrings… okay, I’ll just stick to the parrots. :D
We found a girl that really needs the gospel and to be baptized and receive the gift of the holy ghost. We taught her and asked her if she had a cell phone. She said that she traded her cell phone for crack. Hugs are better than drugs. But I am realizing more and more that everyone has freedom of choice to choose good things or bad things. Everytime we keep the commandments, we are blessed. Lots of blessings ! 
Unfortunately, I was dead sick girl for a couple days. Sister Cunha worked with members and I stayed at a member’s house sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, with a bad bad cold and a high fever. But with a nice blessing and lots of prayers, I’m much better now, and excited for a week full force. :) And excited for a feliz natal and mele kalikimaka! 
I’m enjoying verrry much presentinhos of 12 days of christmas too! Muito! 
Merrrrrrry Christmas to you all! Don’t forget to give Christ a birthday present for Christmas. :)