I am an Alaska girl with a semi nomadic soul and I seem to view the phases of my life based on the places I’ve been. My first 18 years of life were spent living and growing in Alaska, with exceptional parents and three siblings who have become my very best friends. I temporally left my Alaskan home in 2007 and I headed south to find more constant sunshine. I studied Health and Wellness as well as Intercultural Peacebuilding at BYU-Hawaii, and I played at the beach and frolicked in the mountains. Laie, HI is a very sacred place to me and the relationships made there helped form me into a much better human. In 2009 I was so very privileged to spend a semester at the BYU Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies. I turned 20 in the Holy Land, and I made unforgettable friends and had the most unforgettable experiences. Those four months traveling around the Near East will always be a bright light in my story, and it was one of the greatest influences in helping me decide to serve a mission.

In 2010 I became a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I served in and around Vitória, Brasil. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss my time as a missionary, and that people I grew to love so much. My mission was such a sacred, dedicated time, and a period where I felt wonderful peace and joy. It was hard, there were many moments I wanted to come home, but that year and a half was one of my greatest. Goodness, there are so many people there that I just can’t wait to go back and hug. And there’s lots of fruits I want to fetch from the trees!

I returned home to Alaska in summer of 2012, and went back to my usual summer boat cleaning, which is excellent. I also met Mr. Christopher, who would shortly (or not so shortly) become my lover boy! I was pretty resistant to having a relationship with him, but after dragging my feet for so long, I eventually realized how much I couldn’t be without sweet Christopher! And in the fall of 2013, I decided I wanted to spend forever with him. So he came down to Hawaii where I was still in school, and we ventured around the island together, got engaged, had funz with friends and chickens, and came home to our snowy Alaska to get married.

Chris and I like adventuring around, whether it be with family and friends in Utah or California, or anywhere else in the “Lower 48” (as we Alaskans call it), or whether it be here in our backyard. Really, our back/side yard is great. There’s a nice big forest that we wander around in on most days. We have our sweet pooch, Miss Edelweiss, and two funny cats, Amelia and Bel. We want kiddos, and I want more kittens too. We are currently writing our story together day by day, and I like it.


So this blog is for me and for you. It began 2009 as “Chelsea in Jerusalem” so that I could document my journeys in the Holy Land. And I’m so grateful that I continued recording thoughts and adventures since then. I started out at happychelsea.blogspot.com, and when I recently moved away from blogspot to my own url (how cool), happychelsea was already taken. So naturally, I used the portuguese word for happy, FELIZ. I looooove portuguese so very very much. And I’ve been very blessed to be a rather happy girl for many days of my life. So thank you for visiting felizchelsea and enjoy my wanderings and ponderings.

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    i love your blog. you are great. xoxo

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