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October 2012

Lower 48

Solimar Beach

29 October 2012

I loooove family beach day. :)
We tried surfing and it was so fun and funny. I love the ocean. And I love Stacy and Scott and my time here in California.

Water makes your whole body happy.

Lower 48

Apple picking extravaganza!

21 October 2012
Twas a magical experience.This is the freshest apple I have ever eaten.
I picked it off the tree, and put it in my mouthie.
A perfect sweet and crispy crunch.


There were so many apples and these coolio birdies.
We went up to the California mountains for these apples and it was a lovely time with lovely peeps.


Grandad and I picking apples early in the morn. :)

Lower 48

25 cents

13 October 2012

Last night I went to the ice cream shop with my funny uncle Jaret and his friend Morgan.
There was a girl paying for her ice cream looking all in her purse for a quarter to finish paying. She couldn’t find one.
So I gave her a quarter.
She said thanks so much and kept looking in her purse.
Then she pulled out this little star and gave it to me and said ,”here,” and walked away.

Lower 48

Return to the Shangri La

12 October 2012

I’m in Ojai, CA for a while working on some body-mind-spirit progress. :)
A lovely journey in a beautiful place with such good peoples.
I’m learning lots. That’s important√≠ssimo.
I’m trying to make the best use of 24 hours each day.
I’m grateful to be here.


Goodbye my sweet Alaska.

7 October 2012

I am so grateful for FaceTime.
I really miss Alaska and the peoples there that I love. I need to love everyone always.
I’ve been in Utah for a week and it has been great. I’ve been able to spend time with lots more people I love.
And I’m going to general conference tomorrow!
I’ve been going to the temple often. Thank goodness.
Soon I’m off to California and then Arizona and then back to the home front. :)
The world needs lots of prayers right now.
I’m grateful for general conference.
I’m grateful there are so many peeps I love. I wish I could be around them all at the same time. Hopefully in Heaven. That’s the plan Stan.