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May 2013

Hawai'i, Lower 48

General Conference weekend

2 May 2013

I’m in Utah at cousin Shara’s house right now.
And I’m doing some blog catch up.

Lately I’ve been going through waves of blogging.
If you’d like, you may look, read, comment, anything…
I would like for you to smile however.
But blogging for me is a great way for me to keep in touch with myself. To remember where I’ve been and what I’ve done and how I’ve felt and to remember the people. I don’t want to forget the peoples.

In Hawaii, to watch General Conference live, you start at 6 am.
What a better way to do that then to get together with people you love and have a pajama party in the living room at the wee hours of the morning.

To make it extra interesting, we had a grand crepe feast in between sessions. Both days. Saturday and Sunday. So great and happy and yum.

Then on sunday afternoon a few of us had a salmon and veggie feast! I love salmons!
And I love foods. It’s a great way to bring people together. Magical.

Btw, General Conference was excellent to say the least. It’s so refreshing hearing the familiar voices and counsels of our prophets and leaders.


2 May 2013

My roommates and neighbors and friends this semester are so super fantastic.
So beautiful inside and out.
We went on many great adventures.
And we ate lots of yummy food.
Here’s just a few pictures from the last few weeks of the semester.

This is Taylor. On March 31, she was the Easter bunny.
Then comes April 1 and she’s the April fool.
She got me good with one of the oldest tricks in the book of taping back the sink hose sprayer.
I got soaked. So funny. She loves April Fools Day.

We had lots of good beach days.
This day included a green smoothie with Alyssa and Tor!

I discovered snapchat.
Alyssa sends me so many great snapchats.
I love that girl to pieces.

I made lots of yummy foods this semester.
Here’s some coconut chocolate bread! So yum.

And the last few weeks of the semester involved lots of studying.
Sometimes I’d fall asleep.

Studying together is much much better.

Yay, I love everyone!


2 May 2013

Oh my goodness it is always such a fantastic day.
In fact, one of my most favorite days of life was Easter 2009, when I was in Jerusalem.

My roomies and peeps and I stuck with the classic egg dying tradition.
I was a little tired and hungry and grumpy and that’s always funny.
But oh I love these kids.

Aaaaand when I woke up in the morning, easter bunny Taylor came! I love her. And it was so nice to get easter goodies.

When I came downstairs Easter morning, I discovered we had melted another plastic plate in our oven. Oops. We call it art.

Easter was fast sunday. I had a good, purposeful fast. And I just remembered that when I got home from Jerusalem four years ago, I spoke on fasting. Giving talks in church is grood.

After church we had a homemade pizza feast.
It was so great and so fun and I love everyone.
That rhymed.

Then we had an easter egg hunt!

Hopping only of course.

It was such a happy day with blessed souls.

But remember, Easter is all about Jesus and the resurrection.
“He is not here, for he is risen.”

“I’m a peace builder.”

2 May 2013

I’m studying Exercise and Sports Science at BYU-H and also peacebuilding!
There’s a super duper fantastic intercultural peacebuilding program at BYU-H and I’ll be getting the certificate. It’s sort of like a minor. Anyway, I love the program a lot and it is helping me become a much better person.
So there are posters around campus of peacebuilding students of different majors. And my dear friends decided to draw a mustache on one of them. I secretly watched her do it. 

So funny so funny. At least it says “I love Chelsea girl.”
My I love these great friends of mine. :)