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September 2013

Alaska, Hawai'i

Owl be your friend.

26 September 2013

Gente, então… vimos uma coruja. Eita coisa boa. Beijos para todos.

A month ago, Chris and I stopped in Hope – Alaska’s best preserved gold rush town.
What a fantastic place. I had been there once before when I was ten or so.
It was a most beautiful day, and we were blessed enough to see this cute little owl!

Grateful we got amazing fotos of such a beautiful, intense, calm little creature.


I’m in Laie, Hawaii now. Chris gets here in about a week. :D
I’ve been super unusually busy.
So this morning I had to take a break.
I woke up at 6:30. Made some cookies.
Ran on the beach. Played some guitar.
Did some pinteresting. Wrote letters.
I missed two classes this morning.
I still feel pretty good about that choice.
I needed a  bit of rejuvenation.
Now I’ve got to bike to school for two more classes.
Then some work and homeworks tonight.

Our house is getting bombed tomorrow.
The amount of cockroaches in here is cuckoo insano.
Not sure how I feel about my house being filled with toxicity.
But these roaches… meh…
But my cookies today are delish.

Alaska, Hawai'i

adventure buddy reunion soon

22 September 2013
So there’s this Chris boy, who unexpectedly journeyed his way into my life and heart since I got home from my mission almost a year and a half ago.
We’ve adventured together a lot.  
Before I left Alaska for Hawaii two weeks ago, we went cruising around Prince William Sound for a few days, and we did some backpacking in Denali. We had an excellent summer.
As always, it was quite difficult to leave home. And to leave this Christopher Robin.
Buuuut a couple days ago, my favorite Chrissy boy got a one way ticket to Hawaii!
Tropical adventures ensuing shortly.


4 September 2013

I love summer beach days with these two.

siblings forever :)

3 September 2013
Holly girl – Stacy girl – Jakey boy

These are my favorite kids ever.
There’s no body like your fam bam.
Summer is ending soon.
A good time was had by all.