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Luna Diaries

24 March 2014
Christopher and I live in a lovely little old cozy beach front studio here in Laie. Our first morning here, this little cat befriended us. Though a stray kitty, she wasn’t weirdo and skiddish, but she was nice and cuddly. Well that’s not entirely true, she was/is a little weird, as all cats are.
my last first day of school
I was hesitant at first, to pet her, cuddle her, or let her into our home. But that hesitation ended, especially when she started sleeping in our bed with us. 
We got Luna some food and she quickly worked her way into our heart and home. :)
She pooped under our bed on our suitcases once, and pooped on the floor another time too. Not cool. She wasn’t even locked inside so I don’t know what happened. 
We ended up getting her a litter box because of the traumatic suitcase poop, a litter box which she as still not used to this day.
Luna Tuna the super cat
Luna girl is basically a super cat. She climbs the screen door, finds herself on the top of the closet, chases and catches moths, flies, and unfortunately lizards too.
not sure what she’s doing here
Our Luna girl also found herself a boyfriend. We think we know who it is, but we can’t be sure.  Anyway, Luna got knocked up. We had been noticing her growing belly for a long time, but we just assumed it was because she was being properly fed for the first time. We weren’t over feeding her, and the occasional birds and lizards she’d catch couldn’t make her grow that match, so we finally decided she was pregnant.
kicking back on the masters’/slaves’ bed
We love our Luna girl. It’s been an up and down relationship with her, since it’s only cute for so long when cats walk all over your computer or books or whatever you’re working on. But we’re really happy to have her. 
Luna comes in and out of the house as she pleases. But lately she can be found lounging around inside, on the chairs, bed, and she really fancies our back packs.
me and Luna with some birthday mail:)
 Since she is pregnant, we’ve tried making a nest for her, but she prefers nesting on other things. I just hope she has her kittens inside and not underneath the house somewhere! But yeah, pretty sure she’s pregnant.
Luna lamaze…
We leave in three weeks (Eek the Cat!) and we’re not sure what we’ll do with Luna or her kitties, but I hope the kittens arrive soon! My little nephew finally arrived a few days ago and now it’s the kitties’ turn! 
Thanks for reading my cat post. :)

morning after birthday

16 March 2014
Gelato for breakfast.
It helps with the post birthday blues. :)
The sun is out today.
It wasn’t yesterday.
Goodness is it windy.
So windy.
I’m really really grateful for all the love I received yesterday, and everyday.
Just enjoying being 25 and eating a guava. Dreamy.
my lovely collection of heart shaped coral

P.S. I’m anxiously awaiting for my nephew to be born, and our kittens. :)

Alaska, Hawai'i

outhouse at the cabin

4 March 2014

Today I remembered that when I was little, we lived in a cabin in the woods by a russian village in Anchor Point, Alaska. My dad built the cabin. We had lots of cool forts in the woods. And we didn’t have running water. So we washed dishes in these little plastic bins, we bathed every so often in a galvanized tub thing, and we had an outhouse.

I realized that this is somewhat atypical, and I’m really grateful I was blessed with some time of life in the woods with an outhouse. What a dream.

My Doctrine and Covenants teacher, Elder Wright, was talking in class today about his days with an outhouse, and it invited me to reminisce on many good memories at the cabin.
What a really great time of life.

I do remember watching Jurassic Park on VHS in our little living room. It was dark, windy, and rainy outside and I remember not wanting to go out to the outhouse after watching that movie! I was afraid a big T-Rex would come get me.

When my parents first got married in 1981 (California boy + Idaho girl) my dad took my mom back up to Alaska to this cabin, where they lived. A year later my sister was born, then another sister, and a brother. And somewhere before I was born they moved to a house with running water, also in the town of Anchor Point, Alaska.

I was born and around 5 years later, we moved back to the cabin for a year or so. I was in kindergarten and have many many fond memories of life at the cabin. We had a ton of cool forts in the forest. We’d pick blueberries in the summer, go sledding in the winter. We had chickens and a rooster named James, and I think we had a couple bunnies. Of course we had some birds and our trusty chocolate lab Bosco too.

Life at the cabin was great.
Even with scary, dark trips to the outhouse after watching Jurassic Park.

I remember learning to read at the cabin. My first book was Dick and Jane, not sure if it was Mom or Dad’s old book, but we still have it around! And I have a memory of reading the picture scripture stories, and reading the word resurrection and my dad being really impressed and that made me feel good.

I’m really grateful for how my life has gone so far. Lots of great and unexpected things, and many more to come.