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December 2014


It’s true.

27 December 2014

There’s no place like home.IMG_1461 IMG_1673What a most beautiful sky that welcomed us.



Lower 48

Forever Love

23 December 2014

IMG_6757 IMG_6779IMG_6782IMG_6797IMG_6801

We were sealed at the Manti temple and it was so magical and really really special. I feel so blessed and happy and grateful and I’m so glad Chris and I got to share this day with so many people we love. And I’m glad I got to wear my wedding dress again, because I love it. I’m grateful for the gospel and that Chris and I get to be bffs and lovers forever!

Alaska, Hawai'i

What a dreamy life it was

5 December 2014

To be tan,

And to live ten feet from the beach,

And to never have to wear a coat,

Or pants very often,

To have salty hair,

To have sand between the sheets,

And to get loss of sunshine.

I miss all of that.

I always will.


I am happy to be home.

I always will be.

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