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8 March 2015


A Sleepover with a Royal Feast

8 March 2015

I love my nieces. So so so much. They bring me lots of joy and peace and love and harmony and goodness. They came over for a sleepover on saturday and we ended up making a little royal feast for dinner, with all sorts of yummy things. Roasted potatoes, steamed broccoli, veggie eggs, sugar snap peas, apples, cheese, and apple juice in the tea pot. While I was preparing food I told the girls to set the table however they wanted and it was so cute. They helped with some food prep too, in between playing the harmonica, recorder, and tambourine.

I have a bunch of musical instruments and music makers in my house, and the girls always go for them when they come over. Sometimes I get tired of hearing a bit too much harmonica blowing, or stick banging, or ukulele strumming, and I want to ask the girls to stop, but I usually don’t. I think it’s great for them to just create music and sounds. And Natalie loves singing too. And Katy is wanting me to teach her some piano, which makes me really happy.

After a slightly frustrating clean up time of dinner and toys, we watched the Book of Life. It was great. And the girls are so funny when they watch tv, or any screen, because they are totally in the zone. They block out everything else by the screen in front of them haha.

Before bed we did a Cosmic Kids yoga video and it was pretty awesome. Super good kids yoga. I really enjoy doing yoga, usually Yoga with Adriene. And then came… snack time. :) This was my favorite moment from the whole day.

*We made them some delicious toast and I cut up a pear for us. After some munching, we got down to the last two slices and I told the girls that was great, one for each of them. Well Natalie and Katy simultaneously ate half of their pear slices, and handed me the other half, making it a whole slice for me. It was so sweet and pure and made me tear up a bit. Those girls are so sweet and kind. Oh how I love them.

Chris slept on the couch (and watched man movies all night haha) and the girls and I slept in our bed. Chris came in and we read the magical book I Like You and then we said prayers together, and drifted off to sleeps.

The girls and I woke up approximately 7:51 sunday morning, and they (especially Natalie) requested I tell them stories of when I was a kid. I remember how I loved hearing my dad tell childhood stories when I was a kid. Stories, really powerful. PS, check out my friends’ Soul Story and pledge a little something. :) Anyway, I told the girls stories of when I was a kid, first days of school, adventures, random memories… it was great. What a great way to start the day.

And then we hurriedly got ready for church, none of us looking our absolute best, but all in fairly good spirits. We didn’t make it to church on time… why is that so hard?! Buuuut we did have a really really great sleepover. And church was enlightening, as per usual. :)

IMG_9916IMG_9919 IMG_9924IMG_9925Chris worked the flash like a champ and got these fotos for us. I love our home and família.