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12 March 2015


Right meow.

12 March 2015

So apparently our kitty drinks out of the toilet now…

Chris and I are watching Big Hero 6 tonight. It’s super great so far! I’ve laughed out loud multiple times. And then Chris fell asleep. So I paused it and am working on making a couple of Chat Books now! Which I’m excited about. :) I want to make a book for each transfer on my mission, but for now I’m just gonna do like two books with a bunch of the special peeps from my mission, because I don’t ever want to forget them! <3IMG_4913-2Another thing we shouldn’t forget, is that “Jesus está voltando: prepara-te!”

Translated as: Jesus is returning: Prepare yourself!

So I served my mission in Brazil, I’m jonesing to go back, and I love that someone painted this on their house in querido Brasil. Oh how I love so so many people there.