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July 2015


Sunday afternoon with Edel

26 July 2015

I love my Edelweiss girl and try and take good good care of her. We went on a nice walk after church and saw a couple moose in the woods. Edel pooped in the very middle of the trail and that’s not awesome, but I’m not sure how to train her to poo in better places. Anyway, found some yummy raspberries and watermelon berries in the woods, and really enjoyed my bare feet in the grass.   

Now I’m making my first ever peanut butter cookies. They’re not turning out super great though, especially to me, since I don’t really care for cookies unless they’re loaded with chocolate. 

Gotta head to the harbor shortly and wash boats. I’d rather just stay home and keep making cookies and watching From the Earth to the Moon, but it’s summer time and that means boat cleaning every night. But some good news is that my honey will be home in the morning!