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6 August 2015


Kneel in Family Prayer

6 August 2015

I love making a home and I love taking care of our home with Chris. Many of my thoughts focus on our home – changes I want to make, stuff I want to get rid of, things to clean. Things like organize the food storage that has been out for over a week, go through the growing pile of mail that always seems to flood the counter, clean out the cluttered and dirty garage, do something to our 7 ft tall lawn, turn Chris’s old office into a creation room, paint our front door turquoise, replace the wonderful, old chairs I love, slightly smelly, orange, swivel rockers in the living room… the list goes on. 

I really love our home, and strive to create a home full of love, peace, and harmony. And guess what creates that best: family prayer. So I shall work to focus my thoughts less on the temporal things and more of family prayer. :)

Gordon B. Hinckley said, “I feel satisfied that there is no adequate substitute for the morning and evening practice of kneeling together – father, mother, and children. This, more than heavy carpets, more than lovely draperies, more than cleverly balanced color schemes, is the thing that will make for better and more beautiful homes.”