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14 December 2016


Day 25

14 December 2016

I remember my midwife telling us pregnant women to lower our expectations for ourselves after birth. Good advice. No expectations equals no disappointments! :)

Many days I’m pretty good about low expectations for what I accomplish each day and I just focus on taking care of the little boy. Other days I get a little discouraged when I don’t feel I do anything other than taking care of my sweet Apollo. He eats often and goes to the bathroom often and falls asleep often too. He’s such an angel. I just love him. 

My purpose right now is to take care of him so that’s what I’m doing. He’s just munching away as I write! 

During his naps sometimes I nap. Or sometimes I eat. Or I take care of myself and do things like showering and putting leggings on. Sometimes I clean up. 

We go out sometimes too. Or go on walks. We should go on more walks. It’s good for me and Apollo and Edel especially. 

Today I don’t feel very great about not getting much done. Full baskets of clean laundry, unmade bed with annoying sheets falling off, full dishwasher of clean dishes, full garbage can of dirty diapers… it all keeps staring at me and I just stare back haha. And then I stare at Apollo and get lost in that. I feel great about being Apollo’s mother. 

I bathed him today which he likes. And I like too because he likes it. And I fed him about 3000 times and I’ve changed a bunch of diapers. And during his naps I’m working on altering his precious suit that just came in the mail. 

He’s getting blessed on Sunday and I figured it’d be nice if he had something to wear other than the green monster suit. :) 

So I searched and searched on Amazon and I couldn’t find anything newborn size. The best I found was 0-6 months with reviews that’s said it fit small. It is definitely not small. 

Apollo is smiling more and it’s so cute. I love feeding him too. And we listen to lots of Christmas music. I love my boy and it’s been a heavenly 25 days with him.