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18 December 2016


Apollo Ray’s Blessing Day

18 December 2016

My sweet Christopher blessed our sweet first born at church on Sunday. This is a moment that I’ve been pondering since before I was even pregnant with little Apollo.

First of all, it was a feat to make it to church on time. :) In this past month with our boy, the only other time that I had somewhere to be before noon, was to his one week check up at 9:30 am. So church at 10… not as easy as it once was. It’s just more to coordinate to make sure he and I are both ready, and that he’s all fed and content before we leave. And I have a hard time deciding what to wear because I have to wear clothes that I can nurse in, but I knew what Apollo was going to wear! Precious boy in his little suit. And we arrived at church about 9:53. Nice.

I love how he is looking at Chris and me in these pictures.



His blessing was one of gratitude, for the wonderful spirit that he brought to the world, and especially the spirit he brings to our family. It is a spirit of contentment and a spirit of peace.

Apollo is blessed to be a steady force for good, that he will love his fellow man and be kind to others, that he will reach out to the down trodden and those who need help.

He is blessed to be a follower of Christ.

And to be a peacemaker in this world, in his family, friendships, and relationships.

Apollo is given a blessing to have a special connection to his Heavenly Father and a special knowledge of Jesus Christ that he will be eager to share with others in his younger years and adult life. He is blessed that he will spread the word by serving a mission and by starting and having an eternal family founded on temple marriage and sealing.

Apollo, your family loves you dearly, not only your blood family but you ward family. You have so many friends and special people you can reach out to to learn from.

Apollo is blessed to grow strong and healthy and happy. <3


We love our boy, and I pray that he can always feel our love and God’s love and all the love around him.