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19 December 2016


Apollo at One Month

19 December 2016

We’ve only had little Apollo with us for one month, but I can’t and don’t want to imagine any life without him. I love my sweet boy and I love taking care of him. Being the mother to this child is the best. It’s just what I was made for. 

Apollo didn’t feel the best today so we had a pretty low key day of cuddling, rocking, shushing, resting and walking around the house. He just didn’t feel well and it was probably something I ate that didn’t settle with him. I wonder how long it takes for what I eat to turn into breast milk.

Apollo likes to cuddle, eat, sleep, look at lights, be in the bath/shower, listen to our voices, and hang out on his changing pad in front of the window. 

He’s really mellow and content. He’s brought so much peace to our home and even to the world. Everyone is excited to meet him and give him love, and he has received so much love already. What a sweet month it has been, the best one of our lives.