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21 December 2016


Three years <3

21 December 2016

Winter solstice marked three years of wedded greatness for Chris and me. He was up in Anchorage till about 5 pm, which isn’t what either of us wanted for our anniversary, but it turned out to be grand anyway! And he got us new tires for our car and the oil changed and that’s all good. 

For me, the day commenced with some cuddling with my perfect baby boy. 

And then came bath time for the cherub. He made a little poo in his towel, but nothing too serious. Goodness, he’s so cute. I just love love love him. 

Then we had some more cuddling and a little nappie. 

And once Chris got home, we celebrated with dinner and a movie! Our third family birthday with another family date night. 
We ate at Two Sisters. We’ve had lots of lunches there and eaten many a baked good, but this was the first time doing dinner there. We got some pretty little salads, crab fresh rolls, and a huge tasty bowl of macaroni and cheese. 
Here’s Chris keeping Apollo occupied so I could eat the delicious mac n cheese we ordered. I love how proud Chris is of our boy. 

And then us three went to el movies. We watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – YAY for the magical world. Apollo did great. I changed his diaper on a public changing table for the first time, which wasn’t that eventful, but it’s another first. I tried to keep his ears covered for most of it because there were lots of loud parts in the movie. 

Happy anniversary to my Christopher Boy. I’m really grateful I chose to marry him because the past three years have been full of grand adventures and lots of simple joys. And the best day of these past three years was when sweet Apollo was born. I’m glad I’ve got Chris to enjoy this journey with.