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28 December 2016


Cuddles and cat pee

28 December 2016


I don’t feel I did much today but cuddle cuddle cuddle. Here’s pictures for proof. :) I LOVE SNUGGLING MY PRECIOUS BOY. 

At about 4:30, Apollo and I were finally ready to leave the house and go visit my peeps and go to the store. He was fed and had a clean diaper and I had a clean diaper too. Jk, no diapers for me. Although I totally have much less bladder control than I did pre baby. 

I had some clothes on and I finally decided what I wanted Apollo to wear haha. So I go to put him in his car seat, and CAT PEE.

Super bummer. We didn’t get to leave the house, and the cat(s) is upset with us or maybe has a bladder problem/infection or something. AND I had to take the car seat apart and clean it while my baby boy cried. 

His car seat smells strongly like laundry detergent and not like cat pee. And we need to give the animals more love. Little boy sure is loved though!