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March 2017



31 March 2017

My baby boy is over four months old. My heart is overflowing with love for little Apollo. Chris and I are so grateful he’s ours and for the joy and love he shares with everyone. And he’s so adorable. I can’t get enough of him. Here’s some recent pictures in case you haven’t seen the 5 million I’ve posted to instagram and facebooks. 

While Chris is busy working, Apollo and I have lots of great times together. He likes baths and vacuuming and going on walks and being gently dropped on the couch or bed and watching me make food and cuddling lately and reading books and playing the piano and getting the blanket tickled over his face and giraffes and run on sentences. I adore this perfect boy. 


The Storm Pooper

7 March 2017

Mr. Apollo had a pretty substantial blow out at 6 am, so naturally I had to put him in his Storm Pooper shirt. Isn’t he the cutest? I can’t get over how precious he is. 

Also, he doesn’t have a blow out at night very often, but he’s usually wearing some of my favorite onesies or pajamas when he does. Darling boy. 


Friday night yo 

3 March 2017

It’s Friday night and I’ve been hanging out with my best little Apollo boy. Okay, I seriously can’t get over how cute and adorable and perfect he is. Like, every picture that I look at I’m just in love with him. He’s so precious to me. I think everyone must have a pretty soft spot for those kiddos that they love. But for real, Apollo is just so so cute to me. I sometimes don’t want to put him down, unless I want to eat or shower or go to the bathroom, then I’m glad to put him down haha. 

My nieces came over this afternoon and hung out a bit, which was great, because Apollo and I have been home all day. I sometimes wonder if he gets bored hanging out with only me. But we usually do see other people at some point during the day. :)

Christopher husband got me this flower arrangement from Alaska Flower Mill and that’s cool beans! They smell lovely and fresh and are so beautiful to look at. And the cats have only knocked it over once! :)

Chris is in Anchorage tonight preparing for a pilot y exam tomorrow. So me and boy and the animals are home without him. I’ve been making lasagna and muffins and doing laundry and listening to the Lumineers and cuddling Apollo and watching the Great British Baking Show. It’s the best show ever. I love it. Britian really knows how to make some good tv. 

Okie dokie, just wanted to do a little update and now I shall slumber! Boa noite gente!