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5 May 2017


Thankful Thursday maythefourth

5 May 2017

I’m grateful Chris will be home in a number of hours! I’m grateful for all of Apollo’s adorable clothes and for our washer and dryer and dresser to help with those clothes. Dressers are kind of hard to come by and my mom hooked us up with a perfect one. I’m also grateful for our bed and bedding and bedroom and closet and bathroom. I’m so grateful for our walkie or two everyday. It’s really really nice. It takes me some effort to get ready for the walks sometimes, but they’re delightful. And I do often do instagram stories while I’m out, but try not to get too distracted. I love when the cats walk with us because it is so funny! Always cracks me up. I’m also grateful that it’s not too muddy because edelweiss hasn’t been getting very dirty. 

I’m grateful for an app called POST! It’s made by social print studio who has some great photo products and even better customer emails. And with the code BOOYAH, each postcard is only $1. I’ve been sending quite a few lately and I’m grateful for that. 

I’m really grateful that our friend lent us this jumperoo for Apollo. How kind and perfect. This was his first time outside in it, because of the glorious sunshine today, but he enjoys it and I like dancing around to its music. And, grateful for Apollo’s sunglasses, because they’re adorable. Look. He’s so cute. 

I don’t normally wear my boy like this, but we tested it out for a bit. But I’m grateful for his wraps and carriers and car seat and especially for my arms! All these tools help to tote my boy around. Grateful for the time we’ve had together with Chris gone this past month and that I’ve even made food while he’s been gone. And that I rediscovered banana cookies. And that I’m breastfeeding so I didn’t have too much pressure to do a juice fast. And I’m grateful for breastfeeding in general because I really really love it.

I’m grateful for my recent Book of Mormon reading, for the young women presidency, for our car, vacuum, sunny weather, fridge, the russian guy at safeway, my midwife, my instax camera, our keyboard piano, our tall ceilings, hot water, ripe avocados, my phone camera, the notes app, instagram, Simba, planet earth, emojis, amazon.com, and portugues! Grateful my family will be complete in 5-6 hours when husband is home! AND! I’m grateful for my body. I’m appreciating it more and more and am so glad it’s works so wonderfully and looks and feels nice too.